Is the worst of the Lexapro withdrawal over?

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Is the worst of the Lexapro withdrawal over?
I took 10mg of Lexapro for 6 months due to anxiety problems. None of the clinical studies for lexapro & anxiety lasted more than 6 months, I was gaining weight and the jaw clenching side effect never went away. So I decided to stop taking them. I took one every other day for two weeks, and then took a half a pill every three days or so for a week and then stopped taking them. It's been two weeks -- so far the withdrawal isn't so bad -- I'm woozy and irritable, but I also have a bad sinus infection and minor respiratory infection right now, so I would feel like this anyway. Is the worst of the withdrawal likely over?
Are you coming off them with a doctors help? Coming off Lexapro alone can be dangerous and doctors can help you through it. It sounds like you suffered from some common side affects but i know from experience that there not pleasant :). If you haven't done so already i would speak with your doctor and he will give you an idea of what you need to do from here. All the best.
It sounds like you've done a good job of getting off the Lexapro, congrats =) You should be over the worst of it, you should feel better soon. Hopefully, the anxiety problems will not return. I had a psychiatrist once who told me I could just stop taking 20 mg Lexapro - without weaning off of it. That was really awful!! The "brain zaps" would almost make me lose my balance, if I was standing up. Best of luck to you =) .

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