I am a social recluse.?

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I am a social recluse.?
im only 26 and i know that i should be going out and having fun with my friends but instead ive pushed them all out of my life and cant stand the thought of seeing them, When they're round I feel really inadequate. Ive been depressed for years and when i see my friends and hear they're stories and what they've been up to it makes me feel even worse, because i don't want to bore them with my depression but that's the only thing i can think of as i don't do anything. What am i going to do i cant see it getting any better! If you mean start smoking the special stuff i already do...maybe that's part of the problem?
If you are crincially depressed i.e. a chemical imbalance in your brian go to the doc and get medication. If you are just stuck in a rot and need to get out and start doing something then exercise is a fantastic natural way to lift the mood and get out of the house. Why not start jogging a little bit see how that goes eh?
well I'm a teen mom so I know what its like to have fun then not my dad was very strict I couldn't even go out front of the house without being yelled at so I wanted to be like my friends and go out so I told him I was in fake clubs and would go out with them to their house or to McDonalds then I got pregnant and it all stopped and I get very bored because I stay home all day with my son and wrost is my dad moved me up 2 hours away from my friends and no one goes out down here they stay home play video game and do drugs I don't own any video game and I don't do drugs so its really hard but you can go out so I think instead of pushing your friends away ask to hang out with them that way your not so depressed anymore
start smoking
There's a difference between being depressed and being a social recluse. Being a recluse is generally a choice... not everyone likes to be around others 24/7. Depression is not a choice and social withdrawal is a symptom. If you are depressed then once you get treatment you will feel better about being around people.
Looks like a shell your building. Do you seek to protect yourself from failure/embarrassment? Do you believe you are different from others? Maybe talk to a psychologist people are likely feel like this atleast once in their lives
Hey :) I had depression for 8 years from 20 until i was 28 and i know exactly how you feel,i was the same way.I got out of depression by practicing meditation and discovering ways to overcome stress and anxiety.No you have it all wrong.You should be concentrating on fixing yourself and making yourself better and forget about what your friends are doing.Heres the steps i took to get out of depression. 1.I read self help books from Deepak Chopra 2.I watched videos on youtube from Deepak chopra 3.Watch this whole video and listen and learn from episode 1-10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHjMk4OECfM 4.Learn how to meditate 5.study yoga 6.exercise often The depression wont go away on its own you have to take the correct steps to get out of it but once you do you will be happier than your friends and everybody else you know :) Its been 3 years since i got out of depression and now im happier than everybody i know. Yes i used to smoke the special stuff too and that was part of the problem
I identify with your issues. I have been there. It's a tough one to break free of because depression is a 'vicious circle' -- the very symptoms of depression exacerbate the problems that contribute to depression.. It really wont be until you are strong enough to make that decision to 'change something' -- that you'll feel like you have made some progress.. Depression is really a 'indicator' that something is wrong in your 'life' -- and sometimes it can be a relatively small change that can start the process of improvement... Sometimes it take more effort. Naturally you should not feel inferior to your friends.. Also you need friends or people to talk to -- as talking through issues is essential (you say you don't not want to 'bore them' -- but real friends would NOT feel bored they would also recognise your needs and be there for you -- but only you know if they are this 'type' of friend). A starting point might be to access some kind of ongoing counselling (a GP can usually point you in the right direction and make the link for you). While you try to cope with issues on your own you only become more insular and cut-off from reality and the possibility of making progress -- what can seem like a million mile journey can actually be a short trip once you make that first move and begin to open up to someone about how you feel and what is affecting your life! I am also happy to 'talk' via mail -- or skype if you need/want -- I won't be bored! It's just an offer -- and you know it is well meant.. But I hope you can begin to make some progress and feel better about your possibilities real soon.. Kind wishes


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