Can you overdose on antidepressants (sertraline) and how much of it does it take?

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Can you overdose on antidepressants (sertraline) and how much of it does it take?
Well, you can overdose on anything but alot of antidepressants are made difficult to die from, for the simple reason that the people prescribed them are the kind of people likely to try to OD!
Just take as much as your doctor perscribed and you won't have anything to worry about. :)
no you can't, and it is not a solution anyway. we all have wished that at least once before. i found it extremly helpful to also change radically one's lifestyle while taking similar meds. they can help, but we must also help ourselves to stand up and walk. meds. alone account for about 50% of the cure/condition. so just popping pills and expecting our whole life to change for the better :) is a little too far fetched :) finding things/issues that motivate us to be active in improving our general lifestyle, is a driving force. I could name you a list of meds. I used to take ( and still do but only in case of a serious emergency ). but only when I started tackling bigger problems/issues and changing lifestyle, that was when I noticed improvments. it was embarassing enough having to admitte to myself that I needed help through meds. but now I think it was the best thing I done to myself cause I needed them to get past certain issues, and see things clearer. now when I look back at the negative ideas I used to have, I smile :)) I hope you can do the same thing too. cheers and take good care.

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