How do I get my doctor to prescribe xanax to me?

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How do I get my doctor to prescribe xanax to me?
i have awful anxiety 24 hours of the day. i have been to therapists and a doctor (not my current doctor) and i have been prescribed paxil, effexor, prozac and citalopram and nothing helped and made my anxiety worse. well heres the thing, my friends grandpa use to take xanax and my friend gave me one, and let me tell you it worked so well. we went to the store and i could actually walk with my head up and make eye contact with people. i really think this medication would work so my question is this..... should i tell my doctor i have taken it before and it helped? i dont want him to think i am some kind of druggie, but should i just be honest? i am afraid he will think bad of me and everytime i come in he will think of me as the druggie girl. my doctors appointment is tomorrow. i filled out one of those anxiety tests and i will show it to him. any advice you guys? please and thank you! -c0nzerned :/
If you don't want to tell you already took it just suggest it say you saw a commercial or something and what's his opinion on you taking it
It's always better to be truthful to your doctor. The problem with Xanax is that it is extremely addictive. And it is prescribed for use as needed only. If you use it on a daily basis, you will become dependent on it and it adds another problem to what you already have if you choose to discontinue it. By all means, do speak to your doctor exactly as you have told us. He may give you, say, 10 tablets or so to use when things get bad, but don't expect (for your own sake) a hundred pills the first time you see him.
you're a pill junkie!! TRY REHAB, JUNKIE!!

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