Where to go when you have nowhere to live and not enough money to support yourself?

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Where to go when you have nowhere to live and not enough money to support yourself?
My mother wants me out because she's never had the opportunity to live by herself, but what do I do? My job pays me less than $70 a week and I don't have other family here I could live with because they moved away due to earthquakes. I've tried and tried and tried to get a full time job even though I have crippling anxiety but the one I'm currently at (which heightens my depression/anxiety/etc and is causing me constant stress) to no avail. I get government assistance just so I can afford groceries (and even then it's barely anything) but I can't afford anything else, so I can't save. The only people who live here that are left are my younger sisters, one is 13 and one is 16 who live in foster homes. What can I do?
homeless shelter
try telling ur parents that u r goal orientated and planning to move out but tell them that its just not the right time because of money issues. parents will be prouder and more understanding if u just talk to them in a polite manner
Theres always shelters that can help you and that sucks about your mom been like that I cant imagine how you feel just ask for help theres good places that will take you in so your not out on the street good luck
Try living in a shelter for a week or two until you can either find another place to live, find another job with a larger pay, or try and convince your mom to let you stay until you can support yourself. My mom had the same problem when my younger sister and I were growing up come to think about it I still live with my grandmother! Lol we are currently finding a job for my mom (she has MS so it is hard to keep a job bcuz she has to go to ER a lot) but she had an interview yesterday and we are currently waiting on a response Hope this helped! ;) Katie M.
Try seeking for more jobs on craigslist or other engines. If that doesnt help, go to a city college for free. The governor usually waives the fee and you can apply for financial aid at www.fafsa.gov where the governor gives u grants (free money u dont have to repay) or loans. If not, try asking for help from some of your close friends. Im sure they would understand and accept you into their home for the time being. good luck

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