Suddenly losing weight?

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Suddenly losing weight?
Im 16 yrs old and have always been under weight. I usually maintain 115. About a year a go I started taking birth control. And about four months ago I had to start taking paxil for anxiety. Both of which supposedly cause weight gain. Ive recently lost ten pounds. And I eat ALOT and dont really exercise. The only thing I can think of is the stress of my big sisters death in october. Could that be why?
This may sound stupid, but see a doctor. Thats not very healthy. Usually if a loss in the family appears, u gain weight but only because u eat more. If ur still eating alot, ur not going to be losing bc of that
thats hard....i would try to just eat healthy foods! if i were you id go to whole foods and fine good, healthy foods that you enjoy! meaning fruits, veggies, sushi, chicken stuff like that
I'm not trying to scare you but you may have some form of tapeworms, try looking into it though it may not be the case.
Go to a doctor. Sorry about your sister.
read about it here open the first and fifth brown link there for more info

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