Bad chest pain below the chests, and stomach pain in the upper stomach? Please help! ?

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Bad chest pain below the chests, and stomach pain in the upper stomach? Please help! ?
Okay, I was suddenly in the middle of opening presents and my chest starts hurting REALLY BADLY, below to about an inch and a half below my breasts, mainly on the left side(which worries me because it is near my heart). My upper stomach also hurt, but I took tums and it feels a bit better. My dad insisted I take my medication before my family opened presents, so I took the following medications I take daily (although I have skipped a few days for winter break) 70 MG Vyvanse capsule Propanonal 10 MG, twice a day tablet Citalopram 40MG tablet (It mentions "sub for: CELEXA 40MG") I didn't eat before I took them because I was told to wait for breakfast so I drank milk instead, hoping that would help. I am overweight for my age and I do try to excersize, but I haven't done much since marching band season ended (a little more than a month ago, I started pounding at my schoolwork.) I'm sorry for all the useless details, but I'm really scared because it hurts so bad. I'm in fetal position typing this from my iPod, so please forgive me for any spelling mistakes. What can this be and how can I stop it? Do I need to go to a hospital? I really want to feel better so I can go back to spending time with my family!
Sorry to be so crude but have you had a good bowel movement lately. Constipation can cause extreme discomfort and can cause discomfort higher up as well as in your lower abdominal region. If that is the case taking a stool softener should resolve the situation overnight.
It could be gastritis too. Sometimes even i freak out when my chest aches, but once i lie down for a while it automatically goes away.
Hi I remember when I was 17 I was also a lil over weight for my age actually about 10kg over weight. One time I went out with my friends to this concert and it was summer and I remember having to go out side like for most the concernt cos I was sweating so much and I had the worst stomach cramps and chest pain. I went home and it stopped the next day after maybe a week I was out with my sister going to a friends bday party and she had to pull over cos I felt like I couldnt breath and also my stomach felt very heavy and hurt a lot it stopped about 1 hour after. then one night I went to bed and as I layed down my stomach started hurting a lot like that heavy rock feeling and this sharp pain just hit me in the back and I went down stairs to make tea when all of a sudden my chest started to hurt I thought I was heaving a heart attack I fell to the floor and cried out to my mum she came down with my sister and they took me to them emergency room I was so sweaty and pale and from the pain my nose was bleeding. I thought it was cos I was over weight but it wasnt turned out I had gallbladder stones they put me on a 3-6 month waiting list 4 a operation but mine was bad so I had the operation 3 weeks later. Go see a doctor and ask to get that checked. Does your sound like that???? like stomach cramps? like heavy?? Chest pain uneasy to breath?? and shooting back pains?? I know this is long and so much detail but I only done this so you can compare yours to mine. hope this helps hun

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