I am weaning myself off zoloft 100mg's, any advice for dizziness, brain zaps?

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I am weaning myself off zoloft 100mg's, any advice for dizziness, brain zaps?
I am currently weaning myself off zoloft 100 mg by breaking them in half to about 50mg. I have been doing this for about 2-3 wks....I am absolutely FED UP with prozac & ant-idepressants & anti-anxiety drugs. I experienced a pretty big weight gain & my head feels 'airy' & i really don't care what is going on around me...i don't show any empathy, emotion, sympathy, or happiness...kinda scary, i'd rather experience emotions instead of this!! sooo any words of advice? I'd rather not go to the DR because I don't want to pay a copay for her to tell me to come back in a month, plus I get a bill every couple months saying I owe them a further copay. I'm 25 & will be off my dad's insurance when I turn 26, don't want to be on any medication then. How long does the withdrawl symptoms last??? THX!
I was on Zyprexa for 3 and 1/2 years, and it gave me Gynecomastia!!!! then I was changed to Geodon and i got very angry all the time, I skipped 1 dose, and felt alot better, then I got off it, the first day with none i felt like I had the flu. but then i felt so much good diffrence when i was off of it! im still on Paxil 40mgs a day, Adivan 1mg a day, Suboxone 8mgs a day. and omega 3 pill 2000mgs a day Dude get Omega 3 pills, 1000mgs and you take 2 aday!!! for 8 years ive been on over 25 diffrent medications, and i started taking Omega 3 pills my dr tould me 2 get and try, and ive been 85% better, it takes about 2 weeks to get into your system completely, and they are really good for you!!! they have been proven to help cure depression more then actuel medications!!!!! get the Omega 3, Pure Alaska Omega, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.....1000mgs each pill. and you take one right before breakfast and 1 before your last meal of the day.....dude it is a big help!!! before this i could never leave the house, and id just be laying on my couch feeling 90% out of it not being able to enjoy most things I really like! then after 2 weeks of taking the omega 3 pills, im not spaced out anymore, i take it every day twice a day....dude its worth a try 4 you! Omega 3 pills helped me alot!!!! but ask your medication dr first... I still hgave problems in my life but its normal sadness, depression is something totaly diffrent then normal sadness!!! good luck!
I used to take Zoloft (100 mg) from the age of 16 to 18. I had the same effect as you did; disinterest in everything. I also had really bad migranes and difficulty sleeping. I was fed up and started weaning myself off as well. I took two weeks of half (50 mg) and then about a week of quarters (25 mg). During the final week, I took up a hobby. I found that when I focused on that hobby, which for me was playing the piano, I didn't really feel as helpless. My therapist at the time told me that it is "an alternative method to channel my emotions." Though, I will tell you, cutting the halfs into quarters was really hard, even with a pill cutter. I was told by a family friend, who was a head pharmacist at a local drug store, that the smaller I could wean down to (without turning the pill into dust on accident), the less of withdrawl I would experience. It seemed to work out pretty well. I hope this helps!

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