laughing one moment then crying the next- possible symptom of?

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laughing one moment then crying the next- possible symptom of?
Hi I have been diagnosed with 'psychosis' and a few weeks back diagnosed with 'major depressive disorder' my therapist came to see me yesterday and pointed out that one minute im laughing the next i am crying and i dont know whats wrong with moods are up and down within minutes - i think they call this rapid cycling , well i dont know what this is a symptom of i dont think im bipolar because i never get maniic im always depressed and only feel better with effexor (my antidepressant) i cant stop this cycle of laughter then crying , i just cant control it and my therapist thinks im real strange, can anyone tell me why? i know this is a stupid question but i dont know whats causing it, it's not a thought or memory which causes me to laugh or cry. it's uncontrollable it just happens...scares me sometimes
bipolar disorder?
The best your therapist could do was think you're "real strange"? You need to talk to the psychiatrist who diagnosed you with psychosis and major depressive disorder, and ask him this question.

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