How long will it take for a broken arm to heal?

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How long will it take for a broken arm to heal?
I got into a car accident last tuesday and broke my fore arm. I'm 16. Not very healthy I'm under weight I'm 104.9 lbs I get my cast on monday. I was wondering how long I'll have to leave my cast on? This is very depressing for me and I'm not looking forward to this. I want this to be over with ASAP!!! I have pictures of my x-rays but I couldn't upload them. I got surgery last wednesday...I have metal plates in my arm. (I didn't know if this would make a difference). I know that gaining weight and eating a lot is gonna help, but I'm not willing to do that...I worked really hard to loose weight. I sleep a lot and try not to do too much. I would also love to have answers from doctors or people who have had experience with broken bones....even if it's not an arm. Thanks. :)
For me it took about 2 months to completely heal, but I do drink a lot of milk. Normally about 2-4 months. It's amazing what our bodies can do...
Depends on the extent of the fracture and how well it was set. At your age, probably 3 or 4 weeks then another 3 weeks in a soft cast.
To completely heal 2 to 4 months. The cast might come off in 6 weeks depending on how well it is healing.
Well from personal experience, it could heal quickly or take a long time, depending on where you broke it and how badly, I broke my femur and fractured my growth plate and I was in a leg cast for about 6 months, while a family member had just had a normal broken arm and ended up in a cast for about 2 mouths. Like I said, it really depends of the area/severity of the damage.

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