How to be truly happy without love?

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How to be truly happy without love?
There is this guy. We are friends with benefits. He's 32 and been married but it didn't work out. He isn't unhappy buy he is not happy. He isn't depressed but he doesn't have a purpose for which he would live. He hates the world and all humans and thinks we should all die, everyeach one of us. And this sounds like his depressed but I really see the sense of what hes saying. He promised himself that he will never be in a proper relationship ever again. He said that humans start knowing what they want when they r 40-50 but he said he deffinetly knows what he doesnt want and thats love. He doesnt trust any human being. He has some best friends, his dad, brother and one friend. I see hes not unhappy but hes living only becuase hes here. If he found out he was gonna die soon he wouldnt care at all. I do love him but not in a romantic way. I just want him to be happy whatever that means. Doesnt have to be with me but I want to do something for him to have a purpose and have something to live for and most of all be truly happy. What can I do? How can he be happy?
It sounds like he's down because his marriage didn't work out. He feels like he can't trust anybody anymore, and is afraid to commit himself to anybody else because he fears this is going to happen again. I don't know what you can do, but he needs to see that there are plenty of people that can be trusted. Plenty of people that are safe to be in love with. Plenty of people that would make great friends/partners and would never betray someone if their life depended on it. He just needs to see the good in humanity again.
You cannot make this man happy. He is the only one that can do that on his own. It seems to me that he was hurt somewhere along the way and this is why he has a distrust for other humans and hates them so much. He needs to learn to trust again and above all he has to find his own happiness. How that can be done is beyond my knowledge or yours. You are a really great person to try and do this for him but it has to come within himself. Maybe he will find someone in the future that will make him happy but for now its beyond anyone's control. My advise to you now would be to continue to be his friend and to do what he seems to like. In time he will find a purpose for his living and he will be happy again. Don't despair however some people never achieve this but it was nice of you to at least care enough to give it a try. Good luck to you.

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