How does Fibromyalgia start?

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How does Fibromyalgia start?
How does the pain of Fibromyalgia begin. Do you wake up one day in pain or does it progress to a point for a period of time?
Either way-some people say its like they just ran into a brick wall and got hit with it all at once-In my case-It pregressed in waves-symptoms appeared at age 5, worsened at 13, worsened at 19, worsened at 26, worsened a few years later-and waxed and waned from taht point
Personally I was hurting mostly in my back for a long time. Then the constant pain in my upper arms felt like I had been punched really hard. My hips were hurting and the lower back pain got worse. Then about three or four months after I noticed the arm and hip pain I went to bed and just about didn't get up. I also have chronic fatigue. Also with the slightest touch, squeeze, poke etc. I felt horrific pain.
Typically it is something that develops over time. Very few people wake up one day and have fibromyalgia. Over time are symptoms begin to show and tests are done a diagnosis is made but the diagnosis process it not instant as it consists of ruling out other diseases and conditions.
It seems like everyday a new and horrible disease is being discussed in the news. Unfortunately for every medical advance that is made, thousands more obstacles show up. It really isnt as bad as all that, but the truth is there are risks to the general populations health in a variety of ways. Lets take the fibromyalgia disease for example. This relatively uncommon disorder is getting a lot of attention from the media currently and is certainly worth learning more about. Here is a brief look at what fibromyalgia is and how it can be treated. * What is fibromyalgia? * The common symptoms of fibromyalgia * How to get fibromyalgia helpExplaining exactly what fibromyalgia is can be difficult. As of current study, the experts still dont know what causes this illness. However it can be said that this disease often strikes people in their early or middle age adulthood years and happens in more women than men. Even children and older adults can be affected, though this is rarer. If a person has a family member that has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, they are at increased. It isnt clear if sleep disorders are a cause or symptom of fibromyalgia, but people with those are at a higher risk as well.Even if the direct cause of the disease is unknown, the fibromyalgia symptoms arent. This disease is known to cause chronic fatigue, regardless of the amount of rest the patient received. It is also likely to cause intense, unexplained pain. Most of the time the pain is centered on the upper back and chest as well as in the neck, shoulders, and back of the head. The joints of the knees, hips, and elbows are problematic as well. People with fibromyalgia also often suffer from IBS and headaches with facial pain. Emotional issues like anxiety and depression arent unusual either.Its a brief explanation of what fibromyalgia is, but hopefully it helps. If you find you do have this illness, there is help out there. Naturally your doctor, along with your help, will work hard to find the necessary treatment plan or combination of therapies to provide fibromyalgia relief. You can also find emotional help with one of the fibromyalgia support groups. The important thing is to get the fibromyalgia relief you need regardless of the form it comes in. Medication, good health habits, and emotional support are vital to a fibromyalgia patient.Source:
There are lots of causes of chronic fatigue it is either by fibromyalgia or some other chronic fatigue syndrome; so its good to know that there is help out there. Even if it take some time to get the right diagnosis, rather than the medical community is there to help. You cannot do something about it but you yourself can practice good habits for stress reduction and seek medical help with the problem if necessary. If you are dealing with chronic fatigue because of stress, its very likely that you already know it. Its amazing how mental stress and upset can manifest in such physical ways.
In my case it was suddenly after I slipped on a wet floor and hit the back of my head on a concrete step. Its common in whip lash type injuries.


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