Why can I not get my to prescribe Pain meds for me when i have Fibromyalgia?

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Why can I not get my to prescribe Pain meds for me when i have Fibromyalgia?
I have told him I am in constant pain but still will not prescribe pain meds what do I need to do?
Ask for a referral to a pain management clinic. Fibromyalgia often does not respond to typical analgesics, and I am sure he is reluctant to prescribe long term narcotics (I know I wouldn't want to do that). Getting a referral may break free the logjam, and they may have techniques to remove the pain.
Doctors are not always so quick to give out pain meds because it can cause so many problems with addictions. Try a different Dr.
I can help you with a long term cure try reading Dr John Sarno's The Mindbody Prescription for fibro cure it really does work and is free as well and will help you long term. Your pain must be quite severe if you have TMS but they won't really help you. Painkillers make your body very very acidic and that is not good for exhaustion. Try visualisation techniques there are some good ones for back pain which relates to TMS too at www.lowerbackpainblog.comGood luck try to cure the cause not focus on the symptoms i know its hard i have been there and got the t shirt but it is the only way forward long term!
Fibromyalgia is not something you remove, it is something you work out. It will take a while for it didn't get that way overnight, it isn't going to clear up overnight either. You need to cut out the sugars and drink a lot of water. Walking a half hour a day to get started would be good, swimming even better for 15 minutes. Try working up to jogging the best exercise you can get along with swimming. If it's not possible to jog, walking fast will do as long as you swing your arms in those long exaggerated swings, but they are what your body needs to get things functioning again.
There are better meds then pain pills. Pain clinics do not just write for pain pills. They will try injections, physial therapy ect unless chronic pain which has to be documented. If he just rights because you ask or tell him, You definatly will get a letter that in 1 month you are being discharged for seeking pain meds.
This is a common problem. I have experienced the same thing with my rheumatologist .They simply will not give me any pain medication I get some from my primary physician but it's such a small amount it's like not getting any at all. The thing is that they are so scared you will become addicted to the narcotics that they rarely want to prescribe them. My feelings are a patient should never walk around in pain when there are so many things available for pain management. Ask around maybe some of your friends they may be able to refer you to a doctor who will give what you need.
If your doctor is taking you seriously he should have a plan of care for your pain. Ask him what that plan is, it's your right to know. If he's not taking your case seriously ask for a referral to a physician who might have more interest in your case, he legally has to do that if you ask. I'm assuming that you have actually been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, if that's the case you should have at least consulted a specialist about it by now. There are newer tests and treatments for it.
SARNO's book is junk science--Real FMS IS not psychosomatic as he claims...what it 'cures' is NOT REAL FMS--real fms is a physcial disorder of the nervous systemwe don't know teh details to say why in your case----have you asked himsugar and water modicqation with not cure REAL FMS either


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