is fibromyalgia contagious if a share a drink with someone?

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is fibromyalgia contagious if a share a drink with someone?
i need some help i have this disease for two years already. and i want to know if the disease is.contagious.
no its not
NO, it's not contagious...your doctor should of told you that.
No, it is not contagious.
You should then know that theres little known what causes fibromyalgia. Theres your answer. I would doubt if it would be contagious.
No it is not contagious. Check out Web MD for an overview.
Fibro is a medical condition. It is usually triggered by a trauma (car accident or such). It is not a virus or a bacteria and cannot be spread.
No. It's more of a genetic thing.;_ylt=AjpFR49PaoOBlzDobL1P9Pnty6IX?qid=20070403065738AAfEm19&show=7#profile-info-ccdfab21633ea9ac92db28594b874e65aa
It is not contagious. It is generally accepted as a genetically-predisposed disease likely brought on by many factors such as stress, neurotransmitter abnormalities (basically a chemical imbalance such as the one that causes depression), and other things. You can't give it to anyone, but you should probably speak to a doctor with further questions.
No. It isn't contagious at all. It's a neurological problem, not something that is able to be passed. Have you been to any specialists about your diagnosis? If you haven't, you probably should. This is a very hard thing to go through. My sister has this too, so I'm very aware of what happens to you during one of the attacks from this. She has been going to a specialist, and things are getting better.
Oh, no. I don't think so. It's extreemly difficult to "get" it the first case, and the general consensus is that you have to be genetically "inclined" to catch it, as well as have another dozen or so criteria in order to be a good candidate for the condition. Also, bear that in mind; I think Fibro is considered more of a condition as opposed to a disease, therefore it isnt contagious.
You can share your life with someone and not give them fibromylagia. It isn't contagious. is chronic pain in muscles and soft tissues surrounding is not contagious ,but painful for those who have it
No, it is not contangious, my mother has it. It is caused by a few things, the breaking down of your immune system, the result of long term trauma, and various other stuff. But it is not at all contagious.
There is no evidence that Fibromyalgia is contagious. Drs think that it could be inherited but not contagious. They are still in debate about what exactly is causing this debilitating disease. I feel for you cause I have it as well but it's not contagious.
if you have had this disease for two years already and you don't know the answer to this question, then you need to have a good long talk with your doctor. or get yourself another doctor.a question like this should have been answered when you were first diagnosed. others have given you URLs to start your research on this illness. but you need to have a doctor that informs as well as treats his or her patients.

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