Can fibromyalgia cause extreme pain and swelling in legs?

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Can fibromyalgia cause extreme pain and swelling in legs?
About 3 weeks ago started having severe pains in knees, legs and feet. I have fibromyalgia. I had circulation checked and was okay. I take Lasix on a daily base. I have never hurt this bad. Thanks
fibromyalgia can cause pain yes, swelling or leg edema no, good luck
Bless your heart I have it and it is no picnic. Levels of pain andfatigue in some people appear to be as bad as in rheumatoid arthritis. I would be glad to answer any of your questions if you email me. There are several web sites with info. Fibromyalgia is a poorly understood medical condition characterized by soft tissue pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance and widely distributed areas of tenderness known as tender points. You can locate the tender points on the net. I do believe that your feet and legs may be from something else. Your knees can bother you especially at the tender points. Try to relax when you can and remember not to over do it there will be good days and bad and on the good you want to kick in in over drive but you have to take it slow because you pay for it the next day if you don't. I have noticed stress is a big factor also. I am sorry to get off track. Try to find a good doctor that understands your condition.
I'm really sorry to hear this, fibromyalgia is literally a pain in....the whole body.First of all, you double check you have it because it is REALLY difficult to diagnose, most of the times is another thing, it's quite confusing.I advise you to treat it different disciplines at the same time, and make sure that you get Emotional treatment, believe me, most of the problems associated to fibromyalgia is caused by emotional issues ( during childhood, or things related to your past ).It is very painful.Try this:Get checked by bio-magnetic specialist, a kenyesiolgist, a specialist on the Iris, and a good psychiatrist, and try to use Aromatherapy to get some help with the pain, ( OIL 31 is excellent).Good luck !!!
Fibromyalgia (fye-bro-my-AL-gee-ah) is an arthritis-related condition that is characterized by generalized muscular pain and fatigue. The term "fibromyalgia" means pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons. This condition is referred to as a "syndrome" because it's a set of signs and symptoms that occur together.Read more about this subject by following the link to the source.
Fibromyalgia is a weird disease, it can cause a number of symptoms everyone that has it has different experiences... numbness, pain, tingling, swelling, redness... go to a natrupath they have things to help it and it actually works...massage works pretty good too
my mom has fybromyalgia. Once she started crying suddenly and holding her arm like she had broken it, she was sobbing and the next week it was fine. The pain was off and on, and she knew she hadn't broken the arm. Anyways, we found something to relieve her pain and give her a stronger immune system. There are new all natural mineral supplements that work at the root of the problem, breaking down proteins that trigger a violent response from over-sensitive nerve cells. The supplement is soothing the nerves, and repairing other body systems as well.The supplements are inexpensive, easy to take and have no negative side me for more info, Id love to help!
Yes Fibromyalgia does cause pain and swelling all over your body including your feet and legs. I'm one that suffers from fibromyalgia real bad. I am always in pain. I feel for any one that suffers from this disease. I have to take water pills for the edema I get all over my body! I exercise everyday and the following day I barely can get out of bed. Because My body aches like I have been hit by a truck. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 16. I'm now 37. Take care!
HEllo fello fibormite... that is what some of us call eachother.. did you injure your legs?? Did you stand or sit for an unusal amout of time before this occured?? OK I HAD KNEE SURGERY On both of them this yr right on 2/2 and left on 3/23 I had torn the meniscus in the right one long ago but 3 days before the surgery I stood up from a chair and felt this most horrific pain in the left knee I could not walk or bear weight ... I had torn the good knee up really badly.. STil all of this time later I am on pain meds the pain patch duragesic and norco hydrocodone 10mg/325apa .. 2 pills every 4hrs and all it does is make it a tollerable.. I have considerable swelling and there is redness up to my knees on the left leg they have sent me to specialist after speciallist been tested for blood clots, alethethes feet can cause strange things like and they have determined that now I have a gland problem or hodskins diese which is cancer of the lymph system wating on that blood work right now.. have you been to any of the fibro web sites... oh wait join the group i am in its on yahoo and called fibro ******** go ahead and ask the group a question it will take a little while to get a response the first time till the moderators make sure your real and not a robot or spamer... then you will have the support of many many others with Fibro...Take care and best wishes where do you live ... my ortho dr is great he is Portland Ore... he has a wonderful web site darn it I cant find it now.. I had it yesterday I had a he is with the Orthopedic and fracture clinic in Portland OR.. Brad Butler MD found it it has knee info also and links ... good luck Jamaicagirl... sorry my brain is in the fog and its two hrs past my bedtime as I have to get up at4am...
yes. There are good doctors and support groups. Try to contact them. Sometimes it is easier if you can talk to a group who has the same condition. Hope you feel better.
I also have fibro and have found that almost anything seems to come under the umbrella. Certainly the pain issue does but swelling I'm not sure. Certainly areas seem to feel swollen and if it is not a circulation (suggestion you have seen a doc) i would app;ly the wait and see approach and in the mean time continue with the diuretic (la six) and perhapes keep your legs up when able. Night watching tv etc, put them up higher than your hips. Good luck.
yes I have fibro too so understand how u feel. go to it's a great sight and even has a chat room where u can talk to others that are going thru the same thing.


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