I have flu symptoms (aches and soreness everywhere), but no flu-no fever. Could I have fibromyalgia and are?

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I have flu symptoms (aches and soreness everywhere), but no flu-no fever. Could I have fibromyalgia and are?
there alternative remedies to help? This has been on-going for over a month now and it's making me crazy! I am hurting and sleep deprived and need help!
You may have rhuematoid arthritis. I had the same thing and it took over 6 months before I was told what was wrong with me. Id get to a dr pronto. You dont want to get worse and the sooner you can get on some medication, the better.
Yes you could have fibrobut the doctors will not check for fibro for 3 to 6 monthsthe best you could try for is some sleeping pills this might help.the only alternatives remedies i have found that helps is a GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) supplement.it can be found at some health food stores
http://www.fibromyalgiasource.com has lots of information about Fibromyalgia and may be able to provide you with some assistance.
Hi there, yes you could have fibro or you could have ra I have had severe ra for 7 years now and it is like this all the time, but rather than go into a long message here about what it could be and all that just email me at poohinmissouri@yahoo.com and i will be glad to help you and get you some answers, i also own a free chat room where people with all sorts of diseases like fibro,ra,ms, etc come to talk and help so maybe we can get you some answers, just send me an email, look forward to hearing from you
Check out the below website.
Could be.In any case ,it wouldn`t hurt to boost your immune system.Detoxify yourself with burdock root,dandelion,and red clover,People with fibro may have parasites.Black walnut ,garlic,parsley and wormwood get rid of parasites.Thyroid problems can be associated with fibro.Iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism.Also lyme can be associated with fibro.Check out lyme and rife machines.The book prescription For Nutritional Healing is a very good book.

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