Whats the best anti-depressant for fibromyalgia?

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Whats the best anti-depressant for fibromyalgia?
Are there any new treatments or medications that help people with fibromyalgia?
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http://www.health-reports.com/fibromyalgia.htmlThe health reports web-page has a complete analysis of FIBROMYALGIA from symptoms to treatment of the disorder. Including a section on depression caused by fibromyalgia. Hope this helps.
That is a trial & error answer... what works for one person won't necessarily work for u. Having said that " You got to get into a pool therapy program." Part of getting through to the best level of lifestyle is moving! These are special, extra warm water pools to help use the muscles u have without putting too much stress. Being in a supportive group, excercising brings forth positive endorfins. This disease u definately got to be positive thinker. Some meds do provide temporary relief but their is no cure all. Some think infrared therapy on certain sites makes the muslecs more agaile.
Try Amitriptylene. Not only does it work as an anti-depressant, but also helps with the pain. I have M.E. and tried it (didn't work). Try as many as possible, but this anti-depreesant is given in small doses for pain also. It's just trial and error for what is right for you.
Is there a reason you're looking for an antidepressant, specifically?While many doctors prescribe them for FMS, they aren't necessarily the best kind of treatment. Since fibromyalgia is an incurable neurological disorder, right now the focus is on ameliorating symptoms. Some people do find some relief from Cymbalta (fairly new medication that's being talked abouta lot) or Elavil (usually to help them sleep better), some from Effexor or other medications. Antidepressants are notoriously difficult in that they have very different effects for different people, so I wouldn't consider that as a first-line treatment.What are your worst symptoms? Do you need to improve your sleep, or your daytime wakefulness? While most sleeping pills aren't incredibly useful for FMS patients, some drugs that affect dopamine can really assist in getting more restful sleep. Modafanil (Provigil), an atypical stimulant, has been an incredible boon to many of us by boosting daytime energy and wakefulness without increasing anxiety or having other undesirable side effects like most stimulants.For pain, some people turn to pills, others to acupuncture (which has been shown to help many people) or massage. Ibuprofen or Tylenol are enough to allow some people to get by, while others have to rely on the daily use of narcotics.I'd be happy to be much more specific if you'll narrow your question a bit :-)

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