for a patient with MS, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis, what medications would you?

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for a patient with MS, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis, what medications would you?
what would be your pain management recommendations?
In all seriousness if I had all that going on, I'd be looking for the way out of this life. Steroids, pain meds, MSM, gelatin, guaifenesin, plenty of water, a very healthy diet high in raw unprocessed foods, Xanax, Prozac, Vax-D and chiropreactic treatments for the disc problems.
Wow, other than considering morphine if able to get the doctor to give that for pain, I'd try to find ways to work with/manage this in terms of the MS and Fibromyalgia, maybe get physical therapy. In terms of the degenerative disc that is common actually. Many people have that happen over time. I would avoid strained use of my spine with that. I would also try to get my share of calcium to support strong bones. In osteoarthritis a pain reliever like advil or aleve are just needed according to my family physician when treating that. They held a meeting about it and said that would be useful. I find liquid aleve works fast and well when I need it.
I just found this site: it out.Also you need to eat a more alkaline diet and drink alkaline water.
I have degenerative disc disease and I was put on vicodin.
I would want to start off light and work up to find the least amount of medicine necessary to cover the pain and add something stronger as needed for breakthrough pain. A good starting regimen might be lyrica routinely with tramadol for breakthrough or possibly adding the tramadol routinely to the the lyrica and keeping some norco for the breakthrough pain.
i would forget about treating most likely that is a misdiagnosis...while it is possible to have fms also..the idiot doc most likely used it to describe the pain from MS, disc, OA

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