where is the ideal place to live in the US if u suffer from severe Fibromyalgia?

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where is the ideal place to live in the US if u suffer from severe Fibromyalgia?
New Mexico, Taos, Santa Fe, etc. Anywhere where the relative humidity does not fluctuate too much.I would prefer the Outer Banks in South (North?) Carolina. The ocean air can heal most pains.
Everyone is different, some cant tolerate heat , most cant tolerate cold. We cant control barometric pressure so its all just a crap shoot. I live in New Mexico , some people like it better here because we generally don't have much winter weather.
New Mexico
Environmental Stressors:Weather change with barometric pressure change, cold drafts, dampness, lighting, and noise are all reported to be aggravating factors. Many individuals with Fibromyalgia identify that certain types of artificial lighting or irritating noises will really set off their muscles. A cold draft from an office air-conditioner, a movie theater, or restaurant may precipitate an acute flare of Fibromyalgia even though we are completely relaxed and having a good time. We find that many individuals with Fibromyalgia develop an early intolerance for swimming in cold water. Most Fibromyalgia patients seek out warm pools and hot tubs. Fibromyalgic individuals will often feel coming weather changes when the barometric pressure starts to drop and find that cold, damp weather, fog, rain and snow then aggravate their symptoms. Many individuals find that trying to camp out will aggravate their symptoms. A change in climate may have some therapeutic effect, but I find that very few individuals with Fibromyalgia are willing to give up friends, families for a warm dry desert climate.

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