Muscles ache immediately after eating sugar and carbs?

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Muscles ache immediately after eating sugar and carbs?
I surely hope someone can help me..Doctors tried to tell me I have fibromyalgia because they cant figure out what I have. Problem is, I know exactly when my muscles ache. It is right after I eat carbohydrates. The muscles in my neck and shoulders hurt the worst.If I eat too many carbs I feel like someone kicked my tale real good and Im worn out. I went to a massage therapist once and he told me I hid an insane amount of lactic acid in my muscles...but when I stay away from processed carbs as I am fine. Potatoes and corn and bread are the worst though. Otherwise I am okay with certain fruots. Any Ideas?
I have FM and when I eat refined sugars my pain gets a lot worse. But if you don't have the other symptoms of FM and your pain only occurs when you eat certain foods I suggest you just stop eating those foods and go back to living your life pain-free.
erm...I think your question is in the wrong category

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