Question about Positive ANA results?? 1:80 Titre Speckled Pattern?

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Question about Positive ANA results?? 1:80 Titre Speckled Pattern?
I feel like a Hypochondriac. I went undiagnosed with Thyroid Disease (Hypothyroid) for 3 years Between the ages of 18-21. I have always been very aware of my body; and when things are wrong. At 25; I contracted Epstein Barr Virus (Mono) otherwise- I've led a very healthy life. Since turning 30; I've struggled with muscle and joint pain, swelling in face; hands and feet; headaches; extreme fatigue, high blood pressure, hyper-gylcemia, IBS; brain fog and memory problems. I'm tested regularily for my TSH levels; and most recently; for the first time- My tests showed a Positive 1:80 Titre- Speckled Pattern. I was going through what I would call a "flare-up" of extreme symptoms at the time of the test. I am scheduled with a Ruematologist end of March. My other blood work I guess did NOT suggest lupus- despite the new development of a Positive anti-body test. I guess I feel as though "something" is going on- yet my blood work- is within normal relms. Does anyone have any suggestions? These symptoms are almost deblilitating- and while it was suggested I might have Fibromyalgia- I can't believe I feel so terrible inside and out- yet my blood work says I'm normal. I am also at a loss as to why I might suddenly show a Positive ANA test after years of being negative. Many say normal people have positive results for ANA. I would appreciate anyone who might have some insight on autoimmune challenges. Thank you.
You said you went undiagnosed with thyroid disease from age 18-21, so I assume you "are" being treated for thyroid disease now, and have been for the last 4 years. I will bet that the thyroid med you are on is synthetic t4 (synthroid, levothyroxine, levoxyl, unithroid, etc), and "not" on a natural thyroid med (Naturethroid, Erfa Thyroid, Thyroid-S, etc). And that you have not had adrenals or ferritin properly tested/treated. Why do I say that? Most of your symptoms (muscle/joint pain, face hands feet swelling, headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, IBS, brain fog, memory problems, etc) are common to those that are taking a t4 drug. About the ANA, a big proportion of the population without any disease can also have a positive ANA test. From an internet search, I found this also: "A positive ANA titer can be found in a variety of rheumatologic diseases, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. As for the speckled pattern, in addition to lupus, dermatomysitis, mixed connective tissue disorder, scleroderma or Sjogren's syndrome can all be the cause. Ken Pho, MD" Thyroid info: Lab tests and how to interpret them: Just in case: I hope this info helps you.
there is no swelling with fibromyalgia, sugar issues, bp issues and it is not beleived to be autoimmune

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