Can one undergo dental surgery while taking depsonil and tryptomer?

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Can one undergo dental surgery while taking depsonil and tryptomer?
My cousin is 36 years old was suffering from mild fibromyalgia symptoms 1.5 years back and since then she is taking flexabenz 5 mg twice a day. She is also taking depsonil 25 mg once a day and tryptomer 10 mg once a day since last 5-6 months. Now she has to go for dental surgery to remove her wisdom tooth. Are there any precautions that we should take? Is it necessary to stop any of these medicines before going for surgery? If yes how many days prior to dental surgery should we stop? Please guide
Is she having general anesthetic or local anesthetic?If its general anesthetic then the best person to ask is her doctor or the anesthetist, some medications can interact with the anesthetic, or you could ring the dental nurse at the surgery and ask them. The anesthetist will usually do a full history, including previous surgery and ask if there was any problems with the anesthetic, blood pressure, weight, and what medications and or herbal treatments etc she is on. The Depsonil is an antidepressant and Tryptomer is also a antidepressant but is also useful in helping with pain & sleep problems related to fibromyalgia, the Flexabenz is a muscle relaxant and pain med. So its important that she asks, and she must NOT stop taking the medication without being told too, as some of these meds can cause some nasty side effects coming off them. I have CFS & Fibromyalgia, and have to have antibiotics prior to any dental work being done and cannot have Novocaine due to an allergic reaction.

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