How come fibromyalgia can cause your body to reject things that are good for yoU?

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How come fibromyalgia can cause your body to reject things that are good for yoU?
I noticed this about myself and others I have heard the same thing... Why is this? Like things that should be beneficial like vitamins and supplements and some medications they have an opposite affect. How exactly does this happen, how does you body reject these things?
your brain chemistry is messed up
We fibro and CFS patients do have sensitivities to things that other don't. But you know, many people will respond to medications differently without the fibro. My husband is a totally healthy person, but if he takes cold medicine that is supposed to make you sleepy, it makes him wide awake. Go figure! We just all respond differently to meds and supplements. I just mentioned this book in another person's post, but I think it's worth reading.... It's called Drug Muggers by Suzy Cohen. It discusses how our medications affect our bodies and the nutrients that are lost. We can't just stop the necessary medicines, but we can replenish the nutrients that they cause our bodies to lose. She even discusses which supplements and vitamins are the best. I'm very impressed with this book so far, so I feel like I need to share the info! Anything we can do to help each other, right?Take care!

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