How can I legally get rid of a Dead beat living in mine and my husbands home?It is my sons sister in law.?

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How can I legally get rid of a Dead beat living in mine and my husbands home?It is my sons sister in law.?
My 29 year old son got fired from his Job in July. His wife is 8 months pregnant they already have a 7,9 and 13 kids. And her 35 year old sister moved in on them 18 months ago and in May she QUIT her job. So my pregnant Daughter in Law was trying to support all of them. Her sister is supossed to have M. S. (HA HA). I took her to a doctor last weekend for her SSI and she came out and told me all about what he done test wise. Well by the answers she told me she done screwed herself. He asked on a pain scale how her pain was. She told him Oh I am not in any pain. My M.S. Shots don't work anymore. But on a pain scale of 1 to 10 she said most days 0 to 1 in her pain scale. He done the muscle dexteraty test where he has her hold her arms and legs in certain ways and she was able to keep him from pushing her arms or legs down. She said she went to a different doctor who had treated her all her life and he knows she don't have M.S. And she remembered to tell this doctor I took her to. She has an 8 and 15 year old kids and refuses to work or support them. She lived with my son and his wife and traded a place to live for her food stamps. My son has now lost 3 homes in 13 years because of this piece of Lazy trash moving in on them. Well a week ago my son and his wife got EVICTED from another place and My husband let them move in here until Son found a job. Well in a week he has done nothing but take over my home. He does my cooking, lets his children waste the water doing my dishes, my laundry even fixes my plate at meal time and brings it to me. I have just been Diagnosed with a Severe Stress Disorder and Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure, Anxiety and the added stress of 10 people under my Feet 24/7 is making my condition worse.My Blood Pressure was 160/95 when I went to the Doctor Aug.10th. Doctor had a fit. I am now on 30 mg of Buspirone a day, and 150 mg of Lyrica, 25mg of Antenonol blood pressure pill, and 4 mg of Lorazepam a day. And I go back to the doctor in 3 weeks and may end up in a wheel chair. Because the STRESS is causing my body to shut down. I told my son a week ago after my husband said they could move in. That I would try it with them here. But his wives sister and her 2 Kids could not COME. And the next thing I know All of them were here. She is a LEECH. She smokes their Cigarettes My sons wife supports her children.She abuses her children DHS has already been called I found out when they lived in their place before they came here. And DHS investigated her for 3 weeks and then before the woman could come back they moved in here. And She has nothing but 475 food stamps and Nothing else to even buy her personal items or her kids clothes or anything.I have told her to file for TEA and child support for her 2 kids. She don't want to get their fathers in trouble. One is in Jail for theft and Drugs and lord knows what all. The 15 year old was with his father up until 3 years ago when he could not handle the Boy any longer and made her take him back. This 15 year old is a Disrespectful piece of Work. He took my husbands bicycle right after they moved in And was gone from 9 a.m and was supposed to be home after football practice and at 9:45 that night my husband and I had to go find him and our 13 year old grandson. Never did find out where he was at. I took the bike away from him and locked it in the back porch. I grounded him for Disrepecting us. And taking things that were not his to use. Made everyone mad. I said fine next time I will just call the Cops and report it Stolen and then Press charges for theft of property and we will see how she likes figuring out how to bail him out of Jail. Can I legally turn her in for failing to support her 2 kids and being a MOOCHER. She is of NO Kin to my husband or I. Has NO JOB. No Income but food stamps No CAR Nothing. And has told me that my husband said she could live in his home long as she wants. Which is a lie.
tl;dr: 1) Go through his stuff, looking for anything that has her name on it 2) Change the locks 3) Throw all his stuff outside onto the curb (not your lawn) 4) Sit back and wait 5) When he gets back and starts acting a fool, call the cop 6) When they show up, tell them that you have told them to leave, that they are trespassing and they refuse. 7) When the start to talk about "their stuff", inform the police officers that you have already removed everything from the premise that belongs to them. Note: they will have to prove that anything else inside the home is theirs... and who keeps receipts these days? 8) File restraining order next day or as soon as possible. If this doesn't work, cut the cable, internet, phone, water and power until they leave. Send your family to a friends home if you can in the meantime.
Call the police and say she hit you, it worked to get me out of MY house. Don't worry, nothing will happen to you for lying. :-)
just tell her to leave, or you will contact the authorities. you have no contract to keep her there, so you dont have to let her live in your house. also do press charges if they take your stuff
Sounds like you have one heck of a problem. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) so I have a little sympathy, it forced me out of my job. I have worked since I was 12yrs old! I used to have a successful career with a high paying company, now I am on SSI supporting me and my two sons while receiving 24hr. nursing care. Obviously you know there are five types of MS and it appears your sister-in-law has remitting-remissive. I have secondary-progressive. Anyway, MS goes hand and hand with Mental Illness. While your sister-in-law might not have a mental disease or disorder MS will cause her to mimic one or more and they will need to be treated by a psychologist and a psychiatrist. (Just a Note - It is a lot easier to get SSI for a Mental Health reason than for MS). MS Shots don't just stop working. In fact no one can really tell if they are working or not. That is why the majority of medications we have available for MS here in the US are illegal in other countries. They shorten the life span, disrupt your quality of life, and you'll never know if they even did you any good. The probably made your sister-in-law depressed or sick so she gave up on them. It is her choice. Encourage her to try natural remedies, but she shouldn't do nothing to treat it. Sounds like she qualifies for Public Housing. Have her go to HUD/Section 8/and Public Housing and Apply. Call your local United Way Helpline and they will get you started. Have her tell them she is homeless, but staying with family/friends. Take her to the welfare office and have her apply for emergency shelter and food assistance. It is separate from anything she might already be receiving. This will give her a hotel for a short period of time. Sometimes United Way knows of Women's Shelters that function like mini apartments. If she won't leave, try talking to a therapist at a crisis line that might be able to come out to your home and try to explain how desperate the situation has become. If you need more help, or want to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) visit: DJ6ual: An Irish Girl's Blog .Good Luck!


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