Does Fibromyalgia cause extreme hunger and loss of vision?

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Does Fibromyalgia cause extreme hunger and loss of vision?
That's all I need to know about this condition because I'm trying to determine what I have I suffer from painful neuropathy in the hands and feet. I know about all the other symptoms.
No, Fibromyalgia does not cause extreme hunger, and loss of vision. It is a disease in which effects the muscles and can cause extreme weakness. Here is a website that may help you sort out whether or not you have the signs or symptoms. here is another website in which you can use to try to narrow down what symptoms you may have. You should also make a doctor's appointment and deal with this professionally.
Fibromyalgia is a result, not a natural thing that happens to a human being that is healthy. It is what is called a degenerative disease. Drugs can only treat the symptoms and do not address the root cause or "CURE" the disease. Going that route leads to managing the disease. Your body is capable of repairing itself of most degenerative diseases if you give it the right nutrients and detox your body of the toxins it has acquired over the years. You have a choice to make, 1) treat the symptoms with drugs and live with the disease for most of the rest of your life, or 2) educate yourself on what you have been doing wrong, correct that and then learn how to get rid of the state of bad health by focusing on becoming healthy. Do you believe that you have a drug deficiency? Do you believe you were designed to be sick? Do you think Fibromyalgia is something you catch from someone else? You need to look beyond the typical medical doctor for the answers. They "Treat symptoms and manage diseases" and nothing more. In fact more people die each year of doctor caused problems than any single major disease in America including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. And so turning to doctors to "Cure" Fibromyalgia is not something they can or will do. Just ask one what the drugs they prescribe will CURE you. good luck to you

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