I need help ending an early pregnancy?

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I need help ending an early pregnancy?
I'm due for my period today, (or on the 3rd for ppl with traditional cycles) so only 2-3 weeks pregnant from conception. I do not need anyone telling me how horrible I am. If I don't get the help I need I'll shove a hanger up there and hope for the best. So I need help to end the pregnancy (if I am even pregnant). I am 17 years old, and live in Oklahoma, safe legal abortions in clinics is not an option for me, I need home remedies with things I may actually have around the house (not like parsley and vitamin C tablets) that can help me. I've been taking naproxin for months due to undiagnosed physical illness. (symptoms are similar to RA, Lupus and fibromyalgia but the blood count wasn't off so the doctor told me to take 3 pills a day and just treat the symptoms ) I actually misplaced my bottle (I let my mom have it since she left her prescription one at home and needed something for a migraine) and so I switched to ibuprofen but have been taking it less often cause it stays in the medicine cabinet and not by purse so it slips my mind. (it hasn't done much for pain especially on mild days so it's easy to forget) I've been cramping like crazy for 3 days, had a huge loss in appetite (meaning I used to eat twice as much as an 18 year old guy and then a week later I feel repulsed from food enough to go a day without eating or eating only one meal, and the one meal is sometimes hard to make myself eat. Some days I just haven't been interested in food and don't think about it until it's dinner time when the family is home and makes me eat) I am in constant pain and in no place to have a baby. I was being as safe as possible, we couldn't find condoms when we first were sexually active but we had been in a relationship for 3 years and just met irl 4 days ago, it got heated and he pulled out FAR (like 2 hours) before he came, that happened every time except once when he pulled out and came at the same time. He inspected my vagina, but I know precum is dangerous. We didn't have our ID's with us so we were unable to buy plan B pills (have to have proof you are 17+ to buy them) but we were able to buy condoms with spermicidal lube due to that one mistake and still pulled out pretty much every time we were using them. I understand ever having unprotected sex is dangerous and even using bc is still dangerous, I know neither of us have an STD, etc. Don't need to preach about that, I am truly sorry that I was ever that foolish and if anyone would be punished for it, it would be me. (I am not at all religious, but I am wiccan in the sense that when I am really nervous I meditate by "praying" to whichever god(dess) is appropriate for the situation and it helps clear my mind. The day he came, I went outside and burnt an incense in Aphrodite's name asking for her gift and for the relationship to turn out well and help me keep it from going too far Answers
I don't think there is any other way. I think the only safe way would be a clinic. Sticking a hanger up there really? You're gonna tear up your insides and cause even more damage to yourself. Parents are there to love us no matter what. I think you should sit down with your mom and talk to her like an adult. I went to a clinic and had the procedure done because I didn't think I could tell my mom I was pregnant. She eventually found out and she told me she wished I had talked to her to go over other options. This isn't something that will just go away. This decision is something that will be with you the rest of your life. Talk to her before you do anything dangerous to yourself.
You could just kill yourself. Anything that would kill you is what kills an embryo. Sorry if thats not the right answer, but if you could self induce safely, why do you think people would pay hundreds of dollars for abortions?
You said vitamin C isn't an option but you can buy it at any Walmart. Seriously, no hanger. If you don't want to tell your parents, you can probably get a judge to sign off on an abortion without your parents knowing. Call a Planned Parenthood clinic and get information. I don't know the law in your state, but driving out of state is an option. I'm sure if you tried hard enough you could borrow someone's car. How long until you turn 18? If it's soon you could wait until you turn 18. If you want more information contact me (about C, etc.)
Hello, hun. I'm so sorry for this situation that you're going through and I can't imagine how scary this must be for you. I, too, got pregnant young and know how scary it can be to think you're pregnant at such a young ago. First of all, you need to calm down and start thinking more rationally about this situation. An abortion is the only safe and effective way to terminate a pregnancy. Any other attempt to terminate can cause you to inflict an injury on yourself (even death), or can cause you to just cause permanent damage to the baby that would be devastating if you had to carry on with the pregnancy for whatever reason. There is really nothing that you can do besides abortion to terminate it. I'm glad that you have a support guy in your life, because you're going to need him more than ever. Abortions or loss of pregnancy can be extremely devastating in the long run. You're going to have to confirm the pregnancy first, and then talk to a trusted friend or adult that can help you. You could always consider adoption if abortion is not an option. I'm so sorry that you're going through this and wish I could be more help. If you're not sure you're pregnant yet, still hold on to the hope that aren't. Stress can cause a delay in your period. I'll be praying for you, best wishes to you. <3
you need to look into food allergies.. why isn't a clinic an option..if you need parental consent or at least notification in your state--go to another state that doesn't..find a planned parenthood..or buy a fake id taht says you are 18 pulling out is very minimally effective--even 2 hours before
You seem like a bright girl and you have a good handle on your situation. You made mistakes. You don't want to continue this pregnancy. So call Planned Parenthood in another state and ask where the closest abortion clinic is to you and make an appointment and get on a bus and get yourself there. Then, I hope, when you're old enough, you'll work so that abortion is safe and legal for any woman who wants one. Don't use a hanger. You can kill yourself. You can get a pill which will cause an abortion if you act early enough. I'm sorry. Of course you know to learn from this and to not have sex unless you have condoms with you. Oh, and OK has two abortion clinics. I assume your problem is that neither of your parents would give consent? http://www.abortion.com/abortion_clinics_state.php?country=United%20States&state=Oklahoma. If you call Planned Parenthood and talk to them, you may find that there are buses that can take you to a clinic. You can't be the only teen facing this in Oklahoma.


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