How many triple c's (Coricidin) should i take to get high?

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How many triple c's (Coricidin) should i take to get high?
I've got a full box of Coricidin HBP. the active ingredients are Chlorpheniramine Maleate, (4mg). And Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (30mg). I'm 20 years old and weigh about 130 pounds. I know this drug can seriously fuck up your liver and give you strokes and all that. But im not worried about that, because this is my first time taking them. And i dont pop pills often. How many should i take to get high?
damn dood,, fuck yea tripple Cs are the shyt! im 16, 125 pounds or so, a male, i trip on these fuckers 2wice a week. the first time i toook them my buddy was lyk, heres 5 tripple Cs, ull be gone. i took them and didnt feel jack shyt. i was aktually kinda pissed. so about a month ago i bought a box, and took 8 and tripped pritty good. then i bought another box, and took 10, tripped harder, and now im up to 12, and 14 here soon. its always a good trip, you feel lyk your heart is beating really fast, and you get cottonmouth, but its definately worth it, it takes about a hour, hour and a half and you start to feel the trip coming on hard. i ate, and about 30 mins later took 12, all at once, and about 1 and a half hours later i tripped pritty hard. im lyk you im guessing, fairly small in size, so they fuck you up! the DXM gets you trippin, and then the CPM *which i guess is dangerous, but i really dont care* the CPM in combination with the DXM really fucks you up hardcore! the trip is so much better then robo pills. i took 20 robo gell caps and puked, but i took them all at once, and was trippin soo hard, and i trip even harder off 12 Cs, and dont puke. these little fuckers are the shyt, so depending on how hard you wana trip, if its your first time, take maybe 6, for a light trip, or 8 for a little harder, or for your first time, if you wana trip fairly hard, take 8, then thirty mins later take the other two, i wouldnt reccomend taking more then 10 your first time. it just depends on how hard you want to trip. and dont scare yourself into thinking you will die or anything. youll be fine, you do feel kinda weird, but its all part of the trip ;) have fun man!


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