I'm 45 and pregnant will God forgive me if I have an abortion?

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I'm 45 and pregnant will God forgive me if I have an abortion?
Hi, I am 45 yrs old, married 18 yrs. I will be 46 in sept., I just found out I am pregnant. I suffer from major depression (i take antidepressants), also I am pre-diabetic and have pre-hypertension... I don't want to have a baby/raise a child, neither does my husband, we don't have any other children, we were told we were infertile 15 yrs ago! Do you think God would forgive if I have an abortion, I feel there is no way I can go thru with this, plus at my age the chance of having a baby with down syndrome is 1-30. Thanks. p.s. please be kind I am very upset here So MY HEALTH doesn't matter in this situation???
Put it up for adoption.
If you don't want him that bad, give him for adoption. My mom had me in her forties, she didn't kill me.... Of course your health matters, do everything you can to keep yourself in good health, everything short of killing another human being.
it's not murdering if it's still a fetus right?
Your to old to be stupid enough to even be thinking about an abortion. Leave that to the HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS
The Bible does not forbid abortion. In fact the only mention of it at all is in the Old Testament where it gives instructions to the priest on how to perform one in the case of adultery. Numbers 5: 12 to 31 Wow, 9 thumbs down...Christians apparently don't like what's in their own Bible lol
I will not be mad. You go ahead and get your abortion, sweety.
It's one thing if you are a young and irresponsible child that made a mistake in their young age. You are 45 years old. Cmon now.
falcon punch
Of course God would forgive you, but the bible says not to sin abundantly that his grace may abound. Dont do it. Adoption.
God will not be mad... some humans will be... at the end of the day its your choice to make and no one else
Pre-diabetic? You mean you plan to become diabetic in the future?
God will forgive you, but most christians wont, so you will have to live with that for the rest of your life if you can handle it. Personally i say have the kid and put it up for adoption. but its not my job to judge you and the good book says God forgives all of our sins if we repent.
I would forgive you and God is a lot more forgiving than me. Think it over carefully though and pray about it God may be trying to give you a beautiful gift. Sara was in her 90's when she had Isaac. Talk to your pastor talk to your doctor talk to your husband and be certain before you act. God bless, Jesus loves you.
Hi, if GOD gives you the baby, what's your problem? Depression is natural, so find a way to exhaust that feeling. And I didn't mean your husband. Shouting into pillows, search for jokes online, watch comedies, etc...
I know and understand your situation is very tough but I need for you to understand that God has had this baby in your womb in his plans for all eternity, just like he had you in his plans, and everyone else that has lived and will live. This unborn child is supposed to be where he or she is, alive and developing. It may not look alright now, but it's never our decision to end what God wants to badly to live. If you don't want it, I completely totally understand. But please give that child to a family who will raise it and love it and take care of it. I wish you all the best!!
Please talk out loud to your spirit guide and he/she shall help you. If you do get an abortion then you need to be able to deal with your decision. Dig down deep and the answer should come to you. "Ask and you shall receive" Good luck and remember to ask for forgiveness when you abort the child. Have a great life :)
Its your decision sweety, turn to god and ask him, I would hope your god would forgive you if you had the right intentions. Like what you said about being 45 and the possibility of down syndrome, as long as you are not getting pregnant left and right and having abortions. Your god should forgive you
Killing the unborn is disgusting and twisted i would have the baby and put it up for adoption and so what if it has down syndrome?? Give it a chance at life and he/she will get a good home abortion is never the answer I'm not trying to be rude but to me it is just sick please don't have an abortion please don't give it a chance at life!
I would put it up for adoption. I know that it is a hard decision but God gave you a gift. Just think and pray about it. If you are sincere He will lead you to where you need to go.
It's not right for anyone on this venue to advise you on whether to have an abortion or not. Go to the doctor and look at the stats on your health as it applies to the effects this will have on the health of the fetus and make a thoughtful and planned decision. Forget the whole god thing and do what's right for your health and the unborn fetus. If your god is a true caring god he will agree with your decision which ever way you go.
If there is a god and if he cares about us humans, why wound't he? But you really should focus on the more practical aspects of your pregnancy: Do you want a child? Will this child risk birth defects from your decision? Will you be happy with a child being raised by strangers that might not be christian?(that is if you decide to give the baby for adoption) You sincerely really should get an abortion. For yourself AND for the few cells that are slowly but surely evolving into a human being.
Aren't you in a state of grace? You must think about the child. If it has downs syndrome who will take care of it after you are gone? People don't adopt them.
Forget god and do what you want to do. If it's early days then your pregnancy will be little more than a cluster of cells, not an abortion anyway. At your age you need to think about your health and your future. Your husband does not want this pregnancy either, so go ahead. You seem like a responsible thinking woman and you are thinking about you and your husband's future, thinking about the future of this possible child you could bring into this world is good to. Nobody will punish you for this.
It's not whether God will forgive you; God will forgive anything. But even asking if God will forgive you means you know it's the wrong thing to do. And God only forgives if you're truly repentant. But just how repentant can you be if you took the action, knowing it was wrong, but counting on God's forgiveness? Abortion is murder. If you get an abortion, you are murdering your unborn child. Do you really want that on your conscience for the rest of your life? Isn't it better if you go ahead and have the baby, and put it up for adoption? Of course your health matters; it just doesn't matter as much as your baby's life.
You are an adult married woman, please act responsibly and have the child. It is not the baby's fault that he/she was conceived, it has done nothing wrong and certainly does not deserve to die! I can understand your concerns about the medications that you're taking, but since you believe in God...why don't you leave this in His capable hands. When the child is born, and you and your husband still feel that you can't be good parents, then by all means, please give the child up for adoption.....it does not deserve to die because you made a mistake. p.s. don't believe everything doctors say....they are not God! Your child will more than likely be born very healthy.
This is a gift beyond compare that god is giving you so maybe I will of maybe I will not forgive,I you do get a abortion,maybe I will not give you another child,but the choice is yours.-Jesus Christ For all your dreams and wishes too come true and for greater glory and fullness of graces,explore and discover the many gifts of Apparitions that God has sent for your spiritual guidance,enjoyment,and enrichment for great will be your rewards and treasure stored in heaven and carry a Holy SCAPULAR on you always and you will be saved. Pray the Holy Rosary for world peace and for all of Gods children too pray the Holy Rosary. Here is a blessing and a our father prayed for you all,and Merry Christmas and happy New Year. The Holy Family.
Who Am I to answer your question. Ask "GOD" I heard that he listen I also heard that....................... he talks.
If you can put it up for adoption that would probably be best. If you don't think that's an option, then you can rest assured that God has already forgiven you, and that he loves you desperately. And he probably very much wishes that you did not have to face such a decision.
God is imaginary, do what is best for your life. All these delusional Christians don't care if you ruin your life or a potential child's life, so they will tell you that you need to have the baby. If you don't want a child it will ruin 3 peoples lives. Babies should be born to loving parents that want them and are mentally fit to raise them. "Major depression" isn't mentally fit to raise a baby.
Firstly, god is imaginary. This is NOT the right forum for such a serious situation. Go talk to some REAL people if you must. Standard answer to this one cos I'm sick of it... ***Ignore what doesn’t pertain to you*** EVERYONE is PRO-life... excepting maybe psychopaths. I am PRO choice and you are ANTI choice... let's call it what it is... Not some emotive term denigrating people who believe in freedom of choice. Actually, the ANTI-choice agenda seems to end at birth. It sounds very much like you're another willing tool of the religious right, driven by misogynistic wrinkled old men who love nothing more than to subjugate women. The modus operandi of ANTI choicers is to pick on the weak and vulnerable. The ANTI choicers' main tools of trade are FEAR, GUILT, lies and hypocrisy. I am against abortion BUT 1. I am a man; I should have NO say. 2. I am NOT that girl; I should have NO say. I'm pro-choice, not pro-abortion… Religion needs to stay out of a woman's vagina; it has no business there. There is nothing I can think of more barbaric than forcing a girl-woman to gestate unwillingly. AND… As long as person can't be forced even to donate blood to save somebody else, a woman should not be forced to carry a foetus that she doesn't want. AND The abortion issue is subjective and emotive. If men could bear(or is it bare?) children it'd be a non issue. ~
You know.... I see you say that you and your spouse do not have any children and the two of you were told that you were infertile 15 years ago.... Maybe this is a blessing from God and was meant to be. :)) I think you really need to spend some time on prayer and ask God what you should do. It's very important that you do that. :) Also... what does your doctor say about you carrying full term and delivering? I don't think you have to worry about depression being a problem.. I am not sure about the other tho. Please take time to pray about it and listen. I think you should at least have the baby and give him/her up for adoption before aborting. I think God would forgive you. The only unforgivable sin is to deny Christ. Good luck and God bless you. :)) Love Hope
I understand your concern because of medical reasons and your age. But look at it like this this pregnancy is part of God's plan and that life growing inside your womb is part of you and your husband. Children are a gift from God. And there is no greater love for God than to love your neighbors. If God offers you His cross to bear would you really want to turn Him down? Selfishness is the way to Hell.
Come on ! What about adoption ? I am not hating here, but my goodness, you want to kill your baby because it will interfere with your life ? Just put the baby up for adoption.
Well - God has seen fit to bless you with an unexpected pregnancy. He has his reasons. You could have a perfectly healthy baby, too. Your apprehension is appreciated, but there Is an innocent life inside of you. Purposely aborting a child is killing it. If something were to happen to that developing child and it died of natural causes while still developing -- a miscarriage -- that would be God's way of taking care of that child. And you and your husband Could decided to put it up for adoption after birth. Years ago we'd known of a couple who were both professional people and had a down's syndrome baby. They adopted it out to another family and that baby - child grew up being a real blessing to it's new home. We've known the adoptive family for years. You MIght be surprised at how You do with a pregnancy. Don't Assume the worse.
Frankly you sound too selfish to be a good parent and there are many couples out there praying for a child. Please take care of yourself and the baby and then offer him/her up for adoption. Life is not yours to take.
Understandably, some powerful, even conflicting, emotions may come into play. Pause. Stop panicking,... Take a deep breath,...relax, and really think things through. You are bound to have some natural feelings for the child growing within you, but you may also have legitimate fears and anxieties, some of which you have mentioned. Pressure from others, can also push one toward terminating a pregnancy. The popular view that abortion doesn’t really involve killing an infant also exerts a potent influence. Some also claim that, abortion is safe—supposedly safer than childbearing for a pregnant aged woman. All things considered, then, abortion may seem desirable. Nevertheless, the facts show that many who choose abortion have regrets later. Consider also the great joys that could be yours, and how it may add to the richness of your life by not aborting. Emotional Scars Rather than being the easy way out, abortion can compound one’s difficulties. At the very least, it goes against the grain of our inward sense of right and wrong—the conscience that God implanted in humankind. (Romans 2:15) Furthermore, abortion requires a woman to shut the door of her tender compassions upon the tiny life developing within her. (Compare 1 John 3:17.) How demoralizing! One woman admitted: “It wasn’t until a couple of weeks had gone by [after the abortion] that I began to feel guilty and kind of ashamed of what I’d done.” Things got even tougher when February rolled around—the month in which the baby would have been born. “Fifteen years ago I had an abortion. Following that, I suffered serious depression and had to be treated in a clinic a number of times. I even wanted to commit suicide.” True, not all women react in this way. Many sincerely believe that a fetus is not a human life. But what does the Creator—“the source of life”—say in this regard? (Psalm 36:9) The Bible makes it clear that to God the unborn child developing inside the womb is far more than mere fetal tissue. He inspired King David to write: “Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing.” (Psalm 139:16) The Creator thus views even an embryo as a distinct person, a living human. For this reason, he stated that a person would be called to account for injuring an unborn child. (Exodus 21:22, 23) Yes, as far as Jehovah God is concerned, killing an unborn child is the taking of a human life. A woman who wants to please God, therefore, cannot consider abortion to be an acceptable option—regardless of pressure placed upon her. Getting Support One woman chose not to abort her baby. She says: “My older sister found out, and right from the start, she was supportive, particularly emotionally. She even said she would continue to support me after I had the baby. That’s all I needed to hear to do what I felt was right deep down in my heart. I went ahead and had the baby.” That was nine years ago. Looking at her eight-year-old son, she said : “Going through with the abortion would have been the biggest mistake of my life.” Another woman similarly relates: “Five years ago I was sitting in an abortion clinic, waiting my turn. Instead of taking my turn, I thought twice and walked out of the clinic. I now have a wonderful four-year-old son,...and am married to a loving father.” As bad as things might look, it is Not the end of the world. Such ones certainly do need support and mature guidance. Giving one’s heart to supportive family and friends is a good start, especially if they are Christians. (Proverbs 23:26) True, some no doubt will be hurt and angry at first. In the long run, though, they will likely be moved to help out. They may help for example, to arrange for prenatal care, etc... Educate yourself on possible outcomes, and do what you reasonably can do to prepare. Pray to the true God, the source of life, to be able to rise and meet-what ever challenge may come. Your health does matter. Try to improve it. How? Eat wisely. fresh foods, don't over eat. Balance meals with a variety of fruits and vegetables,drink plenty of fluids. Take care of your basic body needs. Get enough rest. Take care of your teeth. Consult your physician regularly. Exert yourself, exercise. Protect your health. Keep things clean. Keep learning. Motivate yourself. Let gratitude be the proper attitude to your Maker. Choose to Cherish life. What about the task of raising an infant—and the drastic changes in life-style that will no doubt have to be made? All of this may seem overwhelming. Try not to think that all of what could happen, will happen in 1 day. Take one day at a time. The Bible provides practical counsel that can help you deal with these challenges. Abortion is simply not the answer!
i think you should do it. it's in the best interest of you and the baby. to force a child into a lifetime of hardships so you can go to heaven is well just mean. plus to raise a child at your age (no offense) but it's pretty difficult because you don't have the energy that you used to. you also wont be able to stay up late nights in order to take care of it. i think god might appreciate the gesture.


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