is a blood pressure of 143/84 good or bad?

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is a blood pressure of 143/84 good or bad?
i went to my neurologist appointment today and i had my blood pressure read and it came out to 143/84. i was just curious if this is bad? or if its considered stage 1 of hypertension.? thanks.
That's high
84 is good but you must drop the 143 to 140 & down
The 143 is high. But a lot of people only have high blood pressure when they go to the doctor...
This blood pressure is slightly high. Normal blood pressure is considered to be 120/80. Pre-hypertension is considered 120-139/80-89, stage 1 hypertension is considered 140-159/90-99, and stage 2 hypertension is considered >160/>100. For a complete diagnosis there needs to be 3 independent readings of high blood pressure. Only one of the numbers systolic (top number) or diastolic (bottom number) need to be high for diagnosis. Your reading could be abnormally high for a few reasons: Eating or drinking within an hour of the reading can falsely elevate BP caffeine ingestion within a half hour exercise within the last half hour stress can falsely increase BP - off of this point some people develop "white coat hypertension" This is when a person can get falsely high blood pressure just from being at the doctors office. Taken anywhere else there blood pressure is normal If any of these apply to you your BP could be falsely high. If you are worried about hypertension talk to your primary care physician, and he/she will help you figure it out.
This is called white coat hypertension its bought on by seeing Doctors and is only temporary. Did it go down afterwards.


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