Can weed cause seizures?

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Can weed cause seizures?
I've smoked weed for roughly 2.5 years now and 3 weeks ago i had a seizure out of no where, not induced by weed or alcohol at all. Yesterday i smoked for the 2nd time since the seizure and i took probably 3 hits and i started feeling weird. My head started feeling fuzzy and my ears started ringing and my vision started getting dark, I may have fainted, Im not sure. My friend said he had to hold me up to keep me from falling but after a minute or two he just layed me down on the ground and said i came to after laying down for like 30 seconds. my heart was beating abnormally quick (even for weed). the next morning my head felt a little fuzzy but after a good nap i felt basically back to normal. Any thoughts on this in conjunction to my seizure? also, hypertension runs in my family and I have a slightly high blood pressure (125/76). I've gotten an MRI with contrast, an EKG, 2 EEGs, a sonogram, and they all showed i was normal, other than a slightly irregular heartbeat and I have a slightly thickened left-atrial wall. I'm 17 I cant figure out how to just post a comment rather than keep adding additional information :/
I don't think so.
I suppose weed can cause seizures in some people but I think you should see a doctor. You could have epilepsy or brain tumor.
I would just like to point out that I'm not an expert in any way; I speak only from experience and research. as awesome as weed is for alot of things (i.e. glaucoma, insomnia, lack of appetite, etc), you shouldn't be smoking it if you already have a high blood pressure; weed makes increases your blood pressure significantly. If you have been smoking for awhile now and are just now getting these symptoms, a.) the high blood pressure is worsening whatever it is that's wrong in your body, or b.) you have something new in your system that could be causing your sensitivity to blood pressure to go up. you should definitely stop; there's no use in going to the doctor though cause they will tell you the same thing haha
Seizures can be very serious, and can kill you. I would stop smoking pot and see what happens. I have nothing against people hitting some weed, but in your case, you need to "cross out" or differential diagnose if possible. getting high is not worth the risk for now. at least until you can determine with some accuracy if it is causing it. it might just be the trigger needed to cause you to have a seizure. You might need to be on Dilanton. you know like the straw that breaks the camels back kinda thing? Good Luck
I've never heard of anyone having that sort of reaction to smoking weed, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and advise you not to smoke it anymore. At least until you get some more feedback on your cardiac status. You don't mention your age, but an irregular heartbeat and a thickened atrial wall don't sound so benign to me. Is your physician a cardiologist? If not, did the doctor who ordered the tests consult a cardiologist? The heart is simply a muscle and it seems a little odd that the one chamber has been working harder than the others .... at least enough to increase the size of it. Once again, without knowing your age it's difficult to say, but your blood pressure and your family history are somewhat troublesome.

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