blood pressure always up and down?

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blood pressure always up and down?
im 29 5'8 254lbs and i have been thinking for the past 3 months that anxiety has been causing my dizzyness but i have decided to monitor my blood pressure since i do take HBP medicine Atentnol 50mg once aday i take my pressure in 2 sittings a day 3 times each my dr has told me to do this is how its been looking 147/97 then right after 133/75 then 86/70 could this irregular pressure be causing my dizzyness and lightheadedness its like when i sit in a chair i feel like ima fall off been taking it consistently for 4 weeks it always jumps and goes low and high
I suggest, either you have a suspect BP monitor, or you may not be positioning the BP cuff on your arm correctly. Ensure the cuff is positioned over the biracial artery located on the inside of your arm with the pressure pad central covering the groove between you bicep and triceps. Try relaxing before taking your BP, do some slow deep breathing and get your pulse rate down around 70. If your monitor is working OK and you are using/positioning the arm cuff correctly and your BP is still fluctuating, your medication may need reviewing . I note your weight is a bit high for a 5.8 footer, therein could lie your principle problem. Good luck
What answer are you looking for? Yes the blood pressure drop is definitely the cause oh your dizziness and lightheartedness. Sorry I didn't state that clearly. Take care
Healthy adults have an average systolic pressure in the range of 100-140 mm HG and an average diastolic pressure falling in the range of 60-90mm Hg. You can try ayurveda treatments


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