Is perimenopause an acceptable excuse for a lack of intimacy between husband and wife?

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Is perimenopause an acceptable excuse for a lack of intimacy between husband and wife?
Yes. No libido, no s ex.Good luck
It's an excuse all right.
No, not in my opinion, and according to the calendar, I should be smack dab in the middle of it. Sure, you get a little hormonal from time to time, but it should not control your entire life and if it does, someone needs to see the doctor and get some hormone therapy or some antidepressants or something. Good luck!!!!!
No it's a reason not an excuse.
Not really. Sex is more mental than anything else, to me it's just an excuse for someone who has lost interest in sex for whatever reason. I am in perimenopause (and have been for awhile) and we have an active sex life. Often I want sex more than he does and chase him around (lol).
No, but she just probably just don't feel good...And you don't know hos it feels so just be understanding!!!
Just another one on the list of excuses to not have sex. Should have found someone that likes sex before you married her
If you are hearing the excuse, you tell you find it acceptable or not???Have you read up on it??? If not, do about what physical and emotional things she might be going through and then you'll understand whether or not it can have a significant effect on her sex drive or her ability to enjoy sex, as well as whether or not there are medical ways to help improve those issues if they do exist...When you just have no desire to be intimate and/or it is uncomfortable to do so, it can be a big challenge to get in the mood to do it...but that doesn't mean it cannot be done (getting in the mood)...
this needs to be treated with empathy.It is tough phase..but you could atleast hold hands...if wife is not ready even to hold hands or just a hug, then that means she is emotionally excluding you - may be because she needs more help from you at home or she needs more caring from she undergoing depression....perimenopause sometimes is associated with depression
Each person is different, going Thur it and want it just as much as before.
Yes, although it is a reason, not an excuse.The drop in hormone levels in woman's body is why the sex drive drive decreases.This drop causes low libido, decreased blood flow to pelvic region, thinning of vaginal walls and less natural lubrication.Sex may become uncomfortable or even painful.Peri menopause also causes fatigue, mood swings, depression and poor self-image. Exhaustion, depression and poor self-image do not contribute to feelings of sexiness or lust.Please, read the following websites:

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