If my Mum had an early Menopause does that mean I will too?

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If my Mum had an early Menopause does that mean I will too?
HelloI saw my Mum go through the Menopause and she was about 41 when it all started. I remember her crying loads and being depressed and she actually ran away and left a letter saying she did not want to see any of my family ever again. Her moods were everywhere and she was so emotional. She did of course come back but it was all very upsetting indeed. I am now nearly 40 and think it has started with me too. I dread it after seeing what she went through. My periods have been strange last 2-3 months and delayed( normally same time each month) and I feel different inside. I feel really nervous and irritable and think people are out to get me. People only have to do the slightest thing wrong and I get upset. I kind of feel if something has died inside of me. If my Mum got the Menopause at about 40 does that mean I will? Is it really that bad? How were you effected by it? I am thinking of getting a Menopause test from Boots to see if it has started in me. Please no copy and paste replies , I am looking for replies from people who have experienced the Menopause themselves or know about it from personal experience.Thanks
It is possible you will!

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