Im 50 yrs and so tired. i exercise and eat healthy. help!?

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Im 50 yrs and so tired. i exercise and eat healthy. help!?
I am soooo tired its effecting my everyday life. I've had check ups and am doing well despite being postmenopausal and I'm taking hormones. I feel like I need a nap 2 hrs after I wake up. I walk an hour a day and my diet consists of fruits..veg..whole grains and protien. Any suggestions? I don't want to go thru life like this
Your old mate it happens to everyone. Sorry to tell you but your fifty now it's all down hill from now. Enjoy you golden years hopefully you have a family its all you got now retire go fishing play golf and babysit the grandkids thats your life until you die
eat some fat and only do what makes you happy. eat some choclate and drink some wine. life without pleasure only seems longer.
Ask to have a stress test (with dye). I was tired beyond belief, had a stress test and they found blockage. Ended up having a stent inserted and VOILA - not tired anymore and found I had more energy. There are lots of side effects if your blood doesn't circulate properly.
You might be having some low blood sugar problems. Avoid refined carbohydrates and simple sugar. Each day between 3:00-4: P.M eat a fruit You might want to purchase Chromium GTF at a health food store and take 1 capsule between meals 3 times daily. Also Pantothenic Acid B5 500 mg and take 1 capsule 2 times daily
Your not old yet... It is probally you are NOT getting enough sleep try Force Factor or coffee...
You have had check ups, but for chronic fatigue syndrome specifically? They should be testing for Epstein Barr and other indicators, and if they don't know what to look for, then you're going to the wrong doctor for this question. It may be that you are not getting good sleep at night. Sometimes people have a breathing condition that wakes them throughout the night and they end up not sleeping properly and being tired. It's called sleep apnea. You should be checked for this. You should consider whether you really are getting enough sleep. You might need at least 8 hours or more and that might mean getting into bed even earlier to fall asleep on time. People frequently are unaware of how much sleep they really need. In the Western world people do not get enough sleep, and do too much during the day, to the point where it is unnatural. But, because it is so common, we think it is "us". So do some examination of this in your life. What about stress? If you have extra stress in your life you will need to sleep more, because dreaming/REM is the natural way of coping with stress. Moreover, check and see if the hormone replacement therapy might be adding to the problem. I have met women who tell me that the HRT caused them problems - again it is not natural to replace hormones. It's just another big moneymaker "every postmenopausal woman should be on HRT" - oh really? Look into the alternatives, for nutrition and vitamins and herbs that helps even more. Look into Red Clover. Best wishes.

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