Can postmenopausal women's breasts still produce milk?

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Can postmenopausal women's breasts still produce milk?
No, only pregnancy can cause milk production, and post-menopausal women don't get pregnant.
It's not the norm, certainly. I have however heard of adoptive mothers who manage to breastfeed their children - the sucking stimulates lactation. However, if this is a health issue, someone I know is undergoing tests and they have discovered a brain tumour, which is pressing down on part of the brain and stimulating the milk flow. The tumour is benign, by the way, but if this is you, please go and see a doctor.
A postmenopausal woman once told me that she can still get some milk to come out of her nipple if she were to squeeze her breast. I can neither confirm or deny. She had not breastfed a baby in over 20 years and supposedly never totally dried up.
Yes in theory any woman could. Babies of mother's who had died in labour, were sometimes given to female relatives or maids, who would have to stimulate their breasts, with massage, over many days, you could produce milk. Adoptive mothers' with enough notice, can stimulate their breasts to produce breast milk.

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