Hot flashes, feel faint?

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Hot flashes, feel faint?
I haven't felt right for nearly 3 weeks. I've had right right pain for nearly 3 weeks, and alongside that I've been feeling extremely weak at times, almost as if I'm close to passing out. For example, today I was literally sat down and it hit me, I felt so weak. Alongside the weakness feeling, I had nausea, extreme lightheadedness, blurred vision, difficulty breathing, bad and involuntary shaking. I literally felt as if I was ready to drop. I started to overheat, my face became flushed and I was ready to drop. It's happened quite a bit in the past few weeks, and I have no clue as to why. I'm currently on my period, but its been happening for nearly 3 weeks? Out of nowhere.. Even now, I just experienced hot flashes, I'm just so confused as to why? I'm only 18 years old, and I tried looking up for the same things, and only menopause came up. Being 18, I think I can pretty much scrap that idea. Help please? :( I've had right **RIB** pain
seek medical advise
you should see a doctor,it could be diabetes,high or low blood pressure,just to name a few.

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