My mother is real nasty - how do I deal with her?

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My mother is real nasty - how do I deal with her?
My mother is very nasty, mean, and harsh. She used to be a kinder person, but in recent years she has become VERY nasty. Is it something to do with women after the menopause? I read that women can become right bitches as estrogen levels decrease and the effects of testosterone increases. Is that correct? How do you deal with bitchy women who moan and whine and criticise about everything? Arguing doesn't help and she also drinks too much and then she is even more argumentative. Yeah I'd love to move out but I have no job and no way of getting my own place. No job = have to live at home... I'd love to just leave her to it and then I would only visit at Christmas and Easter. Then she might appreciate me instead of treating my like *****. A psychiatrist I spoke to said most likely my mother has man-hating issues which is why she takes it out on me, the youngest son. I have no reason to doubt his judgement. My dad is no help, he has drink problems too and is not interested in me. He is pretty cranky too most of the time.
move out of yer house. nuff said
I used to have a Bitchy mom then i gave her an arrow to the knee! JK but yeah my mom is a bitch to. I just try to avoid her all the time
A doctor may be able to give her something to help. I would just ignore her after making sure she is not sick or hurt.
she should be taking some meds for that lol.. depending how old u are (18 and under) do what ur suppose to do and stay out of her way..(18 and older) do what ur suppose to do,hang out,find a job,stay with other family or friends and stay out of her way...
True. Some women becomes witches as they get older. Other women become super nice as they get older. If your mom has man hate issues, she should never take it out on you! If your father around? Does he have a say in all this?
People/parents tear you down to build themselves up- Think about this for awhile. Words are not said to help you at all. Its only a trick to make abusers/parents feel good. When people are sick they say mean things to feel better. This goes for people at school as well. Abusers use put downs, ignoring or hitting. You are tricked and thats why you feel bad. Abusers lie and have lies mixed with past truths other times. They have problems so its not your fault. Hurting people hurt others and were abused themselves. You are being abused. Divorce, father gone, abuse, ignoring can make children grow up with non existent so called "Mental Problems" or turn them into abusers. Abusive mean people often call you crazy or names of mental disorders to abuse you. The "Chemical Imbalance" claim is false. It has been thoroughly discredited by researchers. They "vote" to make it a disease.." Its total fraud" -- Dr. Fred Baughman Neurologist. It's okay to live away from abusers verbal or physical and cut them off. Dont speak to them. They will never change unless forced. Remember- Read 20 sites daily on Emotional Abuse- also Tell your teacher. God wants you to Forgive- which does not require talking to them- Call Child Protective Services transitional housing to age 21. State directory- Source(s): Experience seeing this work.. I have questions for you/talk for more help also.

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