Why am I getting two period a month?

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Why am I getting two period a month?
I am thirty years old, I have been getting two periods a month for OVER TWO YEARS. I was married when it started and my husband knew the drill. I am now divorced and trying to date. It is really causing problems for me intimately, and I have switched birth controls four times. Nothing has worked, and my doctor's solution is to keep switching! I really never know when I might be bleeding. My doctor also told me that it's fine to wear a tampon most of the time, which I am really not sure about. It can't be good to have cotton inside you all the time, right? My doctor also gave me samples of estrogen that they give to menopausal women to take 'as needed' to help stop the bleeding when it's not supposed to happen. It is not helping, I feel like my body is a leaky faucet and I hate it. When this first started I would have a regular period, bright blood in the beginning and then darker towards the end, for about four days. Then about two weeks later I would get a second period for about four or five days that was really dark blood. It's gotten progressively worse, and now the 'second' period is the heavier one. I'm currently supposed to be on my 'real' period, but the super dark stuff from the last 'second' period is what I'm seeing at the moment. Judging from previous months, I will probably get my 'real' period when the old one is done. That will be almost three straight weeks of bleeding this month :( I'm open to anything at this point, home remedies, compounded hormones, ect... Thanks in advance for your help! I just realized I named this two 'period' a month, not periods. I can't figure out a way to edit the title. Sorry for the slip!
The only time i got 2 periods in a month was when i was taking medication and it disrupted the cycle. I've heard from my girlfriends this is not common but also not rare, creating difficulties for couples who wish to get pregnant. My advice is to consult another doctor to get a second opinion if you have not done so. Take care
Sounds like it's time for a new doctor. This guy just isn't getting to the bottom of this problem. One possible solution is to use the Mirena IUD--it can often stop women from bleeding. You keep it in for 5 years and it constantly releases a small amount of progesterone.
Honestly I think you should go off all pills for a while and see what happens. The repeated switching might be making it worse. It is NOT okay to wear a tampon most of the time, especially not if you're on your period. Which I'm sure by this point you know the risks and all that. Also if I were you I would get a second opinion from another doctor, perhaps even a gynecologist if your insurance will cover it. I would also check back on your medical history... did anything happen to you two years ago that could have triggered this? Perhaps something completely unrelated to your period that you wouldn't have connected back then? A lot of things in your body are related to each other even when they seem totally unrelated.

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