I have very bad osteoporosis, & I have a question.?

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I have very bad osteoporosis, & I have a question.?
I have had osteoporosis for years now. I was first diagnosed with it in 1993 when I broke my back. Since then I have broken it a second time & broke 2 ribs coughing, & a broke rib from a simple hug. At 1 time, I was on Fosamax . I had some bad reactions from it, so I quit taking it. I haven't been on a perscription for it since. I recently found out that Fosamax has been linked to several major side effects & the makers of it, Merck has lawsuits pending against them. I take calcium,but, I had hoped there were other medications I could take that isn't made of the same thing as Fosamax. I HAD thought possibly Boniva. Now I found out that IT TOO is made with the same type drug. My question is, is there anything out there that can be taken that helps with Osteo & not made from the same drug as the others? Also, what is the best type of calcium that I can take?
Vitamin D ~ "The Sunshine Vitamin" has become a hot topic among researchers as it has been found to be of importance in that it promotes Calcium absorption for strong bones; boosts the immune system; helps reduce inflammation & chronic pain, reduces risk of osteoarthritis and encourages healthy skin. Aside from sunshine, food/dietary source fish & fish oil. Enriched dairy or supplement Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) Blood test research suggest minimum 40 ng/ml , you may require up to 2000 IU or more to achieve optimum blood levels. I Googled "Healthiest Calcium" and from the website recomparison.com and it compared Carbonate, Citrate, & Phosphate, and just as I thought,.. it says Citrate has the highest amount of Calcium, as much as 21% . The drug aspect I'm not sure about & as you mentioned so many "New/Untested" drugs have bad side effects which produce lawsuits = scary !! I personally would try as much natural/herbal medicines and food/dietary sources possible. I myself have arthritis in broken bones in lower back caused by car accident ! I hope this helped in some way.

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