Am I entitled to DLA (Disability Living Allowance)?

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Am I entitled to DLA (Disability Living Allowance)?
I am 33 and have a number of health conditions which affect me a great deal throughout day to day life. They include.. Chronic Asthma, Grand Mal Epilepsy, Reflux Oesophagitis, Osteoporosis, (due to long Steroid treatment), in my lower spine & arthritis in my ankle which i have broken 3 times. I have to use a nebulizer machine at least 3 times a day & take it with me wherever i go as my asthma is acute & can get Very Bad very quickly!! I am unable to run or walk long distances without severe pain in my chest, back & ankle. I have to drive Everywhere. I get really bad pain in my back nion everyday & keep getting spasms. I take pain killers everyday. I was on DLA for years then it just suddenly stopped approx 7yrs ago but my asthma & osteoporosis have worsened since & I have applied to the DLA twice but was turned down. I am not at all good at filling out forms. could this be a reason!?! PLEASE Help!!Doug from Enfield.
Sounds like you are indeed extremely eligible.Go to your local C.A.B office and they will help you fill out the forms.
To me it sounds like you are entitled to DLA. For the form filling you could ask the Citizens Advice people.
Next time you get the forms tell them you have problems filling them out and is there someone who can help you, they usually help fill them in if you ask.
Yes you are even if your working you are entitled to it, but you must appeal within 1 month of your decision,
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