Do you believe your femur shaft will break itself due to osteoporosis?

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Do you believe your femur shaft will break itself due to osteoporosis?
my mom's femur shaft was broken at a nursing home, they told us my mom's femur broken,due to she has osteoporosis? What they said about mom's condition, it that true?
it is very possible. the femur is the strongest bone in the body, so it typically only breaks due to high impact, like a car crash, or if it's weakened by osteoporosis.
Yup! whenever one takes a fall and they are over say 50 or 60 or so and they've not taken good care of their bones in their youth,,,,,it will catch up with them in their older // senior years.Getting older is not fun. It comes with a price. If we don't take care of us when we are younger...any number of things can go horribly wrong later on.So, if your under oh say 40 .... Get a gym membership, and keep it active and be kind to your young bodies. Leave the drugs and alcohol alone. Get plenty of sleep, Avoid make up, it causes wrinkle later on in life and some forms of skin cancers. I know they don't tell ya that, but it does.
its possible , and if you want to increase bone mass and correct other problems you should learn about getting enough vitamin d , key work is enough , most people do not get enough and as was age our bodies produce less and less through sun exposure . and Iam not talking about a glass or 2 of milk a day or even a multi vitamin , that will not give you enough to stop all bone loss , according to dr cannell md we need 5,000 units daily . if you take the time to watch the videos below you will learn what medical doctors and researchers already know , one of the videos is a long one but packed with amazing info from dr hollick md phdand he has a great sense of humor so it is not boring .===============and most people are deficient , vitamin d3 is what to get =========================

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