How much should a recovering anorexic exercise?

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How much should a recovering anorexic exercise?
Hello. i'm trying to recover from anorexic i've had the disease for about 10 years. I'm 5'8 36 years old male 114 pounds A little more background about my condition. I now have osteoporosis. With a t-score of -5.2 which i understand from my doc. is a really low score.I've been exercising almost 8 years on a treadmill jogging 8 miles a day six days a week with the incline on 10. 1 hour after breakfast then another hour after supper. I who'd burn a total of 1750 calories a day from both workouts. This past February i had a pelvis stress fracture. Then in August i had a stress fracture in my left foot. then a swollen left ankle. My lowest weight was 89 i mentioned i'm now up to 114. My pelvis has finally healed and my foot is on the mend I've just started exercising again 30. min. a day 3 days a week just to keep in practice. oh i also have a mild case of cerebral palsy on the left side. if that makes a difference i guess my main question is is someone my age since i'm almost 37 Oct. 27th. am i in grater danger than say someone who is 17 with the same injuries? Do any of you think i'll ever be back to my previous running form? or have i waited to long before starting recovery? What i'm worried about is I'll get the weight gained. but then i won't be able to exercise to maintain it. and i'll keep gaining. I think 120 is a good weight for me. The main difference between me and most of the other posters i've read about on here is the age difference. Most of you are in your late teens to early 20's ah! Any advice who'd appreciated. sorry for rambling on. but i just needed to talk.
talk to doctor about diet and exercise plan you are still too underweight for me to tell you anything to me 5'8" you should be closer to 175 or more
i wouldn't recommend any exercises, from what you wrote you sound like your in a very fragile state,but if you have that ich to exercise then i would recommend dynamic/static stretching , maybe some Breathing yoga (not strength). I hope you get better. I believe you can :) and you should too.

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