how does astronauts microgravity help people with SCI and osteoporosis?

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how does astronauts microgravity help people with SCI and osteoporosis?
write 2 argumentative paragraphs in order to explain how the effects of microgravity on bones on astronauts and how scientists are using this information to help people with spinal cord injuries and people with osteoporosis
1.osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones more prone to breaking so the pressure of normal gravity increases the pressure on the bones and in microgravity gives the bones no pressure so they can heal. 2.SCI's are to do with the spine obviously and the spine support the body and keep it in shape so like osteoporosis it cant heal properly in the gravitational pull so in space the lack of pressure lets it heal (astronauts gro by 5cm in space)
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Sorry about MR's answer... but astronauts spending significant time in weightless conditions have the problem that their bones become weaker with time. It's not an environment that helps bone density increase. I think his note about spinal cord injuries may have some merit, but to get someone with a spinal injury up to the ISS requires at least 3G acceleration or more. I don't think that is indicated for this class of injury.

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