what should be the dietary chart for a patient with rheumatoid arthritis & gout?

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what should be the dietary chart for a patient with rheumatoid arthritis & gout?
i have searched google and found out contradicting diet chart for the two diseases mentioned above.while gout treatment recommends intake of dairy products, rheumatoid arthritis prohibits the same.also, gout treatment suggests intake of citrus fruits while rheumatoid arthritis treatment negates it.please suggest what should be the proper intake for treating the two problems altogether.
1.Avoid/Minimize salt, baking soda, bakery products, pizzas, burgers, mutton and non-veg, lemon/tamarind . .2.include in ur diet, half-pound rice, sprouted green gram, horse gram,beans, soya beans; black salt, butter milk, wheat powder without filtering/sieving of out bran; green juice, raw vegetables, like tomato, spinach, coriander leaves, hybiscus esculantus/lady's finger, etc.Acupressure techniques + above diet restrictions shall cure Ur problem fast and permanently with no side effects and no cost too.

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