Where is the best place to live for someone with rheumatoid arthritis?

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Where is the best place to live for someone with rheumatoid arthritis?
I now live in Northern Missouri and planning on a move soon.
a warm climate; like arizona.Also, go buy some "Liquid Health - Glucosamine" from the health food store. It work great. I got relief within 2 hours.
a place with little humidity in the air and very warm..., Phoenix Arizona is a place that comes to mind..., Vegas.., etc..
Some people claim that changing climates make them flare up more, and the cold weather doesn't usually help. Someplace where it is pretty mild year round is good. Arizona tends to be the place people go for consistent weathe, but I think it gets a little too hot. I love in Southern California (OC to be specific) and it never gets colder than 50 and most summer days are about 90 (if you are closer to the beach it is cooler, if you are inland more you can hit those 100 plus temps quite a bit). But you also need to go where you have access to doctors. You don't want to move to too small of a community, because if a doctor isn't helping you want to be able to visit others to get second opinions. Also you want things to be convenient, so if you are having a bad day you don't have to travel far. Also you probably don't want to live somewhere where you have to depend to much on public transportation because you don't want to have to walk a lot on a bad day. However, there are people with arthritis who live everywhere and they manage!! I suggest you go where your heart takes you, but just check out the availability of doctors and all the modern conveniences first.

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