How long does acupuncture last for?

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How long does acupuncture last for?
I got it done today to try out to see if it would help my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). but they said they just wanted to do it for one joint so i chose my neck for the first time. so they did the spot for my neck and it helped a lot. but i was just wondering how long the relief will last about?
I had that done when I was younger too for HeadachesI don't remember how long it last but it was a little while about a few days or weeks if I remember right it was a long time agoBut it did help the Headaches that was for sure because I got them pretty bad at one time I had to bang my head against the wall for my head to feel better!!!I did go for about a year and my headaches were less and less each time I wentI am now starting to get them back and have been for a while now and thought of going to do it againI hope that helps with the pain!!

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