swelling of leg after total hip replacement?

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swelling of leg after total hip replacement?
my mom had a total hip replacement about two months ago, she was feeling easy after about 30days of surgery while walking. but now she feels a bit pain in the operated area as she walks, and her leg is badly swollen after a journey of about 7 hours in car and cool weather.she is also a patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis.her age is about 48 years what the exact reason may be ? plz give some suggestions .
Swelling is a by-product of MOST surgical insults to the body. It is also common in arthritic patients. Better see the doc, though.
Sounds pretty soon after surgery was done, so it is likely normal. But it is worth pursuing. That is, does she have a local infection, is the implanted appliance loose, etc. This is not likely to be an arthritic issue, but rather an issue concerning the hip appliance she has. I would certainly want to be sure there's no problem in it's early stages. Could even be a circulation issue, or a clot in a blood vessel. A clot would be very serious.
7 hours seated in a car is probably what did it. I've had both hips replaced in separate surgeries and I took a long car trip at 3 months. That wasn't easy. We stopped every hour so I could get out and walk around. Sitting with the feet on the floor (instead of elevating them) isn't comfortable nor is it a good idea. Of course no one here can tell you the exact reason for the swelling. Only her physician can try to do that and I suggest that, if the swelling doesn't go away after a couple of days elevating the legs (above the heart) alternating with walking, she would certainly be justified in contacting her doctor. Also if at any time the swelling feels very warm to the touch and is red, go immediately to the doc or an emergency room.
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