A big service dogs that don't shed?

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A big service dogs that don't shed?
My parents and I are thinking about getting a service dog but we would prefer one that does not shed but is a bigger dog because I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (so it would have to be able to pull me in a wheelchair sometimes and stuff like that) and I have this thing where I pass often. So what some bigger service dogs that can meet my needs and not don't shed? Thanks for the help in advance!
There are NO dogs that don't shed, but shedding can be minimized with proper diet and grooming maintenance.
well i have a dog that doesnt shed but he is super small he is a teddy bear a breed he is a mi of a shi-tzu and a bichon maybe if you get a german shepard bred with something that doesnt shed thatwill help
Standard Poodle!They are commonly used as service dogs and shed very very little.
Poodles have long been prized as service dogs for their lack of shedding. Airdales and Schnauzers have similar coats. The latest info is that Poodles are no better than anything else as far as allergies. You might better check such programs as Canine Companions for a professionally trained dog.
all dogs shed to some degree.standard poodle might be an option tho.. they shed minimal amounts.

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