what does endometriosis pain in your HIPS feel like?

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what does endometriosis pain in your HIPS feel like?
my doctor is nearly positive that i have endometriosis. I know it's rare, but I am wondering if I could have it in my hips as well. I have had hip pain since I was 16 and am 24 now, and we cannot find a cause. Structurally my hips are fine. Usually it is my right hip that hurts. It will start to ache like a deep ache in my hip joint, and then the pain will radiate down my leg down to about my knee, when it's really bad down to my ankle and over the top of my foot. The pain I get in my leg is different than what is in my hip joint. In my leg it is more of a "heavy" type of pain, my leg feels heavy, and the muscles in it burn, like when you're lifting a weight and the muscle starts to burn so you put the weight down..it feels like that, but along with a deep inside your bones type of ache + the hip joint hurting.It's usually my right hip/leg, not my left, but not always. Usually only one hip/leg at a time. The pain usually lasts for about 7 or 8 hours at a time, but sometimes when it's really bad, it'll last several days. The last 3 months in a row I have gotten the pain starting up the week before my period. Wearing jeans that are snug and not loose also can cause my hips to hurt. When they hurt, they feel stiff. It's VERY painful. Aleve does not help.I've tested negative for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. My ANA is always elevated though.Does this type of pain mimic what endometriosis in the HIPS feels like? I know what it feels like in the abdomen and that pain is entirely different.It can grow into your hips, I saw it on mystery diagnosis, and I've researched to find out. Endometrium can go into ANY place in the body, although it is rare for it to travel outside of the abdomen..It can go into your lungs, hips, legs, and even your brain<-- brain is very rare.Thanks for the info though. I understand it may be under a different name when it goes into your hips.
Endometriosis has nothing to do with your hips it is a condition in which the tissue (endometrium) normally lining the womb (or uterus) grows on different organs outside the uterus.If the endometrium grows within the muscular layer of the womb it is called adenomyosis, which is just a different type of endometriosis.The commonest areas to be affected are the ovaries where cysts might appear; these are called chocolate cysts because they contain brown material the area behind the womb and in front of the rectum (large bowel). This space is called the Pouch of Douglas and endometriosis here often causes deep pain and painful intercourse (dyspareunia).


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