How fast can bulimia make you lose weight?
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Bulimia, an eating disorder marked by self inflicted vomiting and laxative abuse, does not necessarily causes a sufferer to lose weight. In fact, most bulimics follow a regiment of binging (eating large amounts of high calorie foods) and purging (vomiting those foods directly after eating). This is most often done in secrecy, and to hide the disorder, they will eat normally throughout the day in front of others. With this fashion of eating many maintain a normal weight. The disorder is more about anxiety and depression, than just body perception. Now, eating disorders can incorporate bulimia and anorexia, which together can cause devastating and often deadly weight loss. Severe cases of bulimia and anorexia see patients losing up to 60 pounds the first year.

What is Binge Eating Disorder

In binge eating disorder, a person often eats an unusually large amount of food and feels that eating is out of control. Binge eating disorder often occurs with Bulimia Nervosa , another eating disorder that may involve purging.

In other cases, binging can happen without other eating disorders. For example, the person may feel upset about binging, but may not try to undo these feeling by vomiting, exercising, or taking laxatives.

It is thought that 4% of US population has binge eating disorder. Women are slightly at more risk than men. The illness peaks at 40-50 years old.

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